Hanging Up The Hangover For Charity: alldayPA Does Dry January

Everyone’s favourite month is already in full flow. January is the month we resign to becoming better people and bettering ourselves through hard work and resolve. It is also possibly the least fun thirty-one days of the year. The cold weather, dark nights and darker mornings can make just getting out of bed a big achievement.

What better to make January that little bit more exciting than to give up alcohol for the entire month?

So thinks the team at alldayPA anyway…

Customer Service and Marketing Executives, Charlotte and Tori, have pledged to take up their gauntlets and fill them with water as they will be strictly alcohol-free until 1st February. Rest assured, however, that they are not just doing this for their health! They will be taking sponsorship from colleagues, friends, family members and even blog readers in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK, Huntington’s Disease Association and Barnardo’s.

“I’ve always pitied the fools who did dry January,” says Marketing Executive Tori, “And now I pity myself! But it’s for a brilliant cause and I love a challenge.”

To show your support for any of these fantastic organisations, click the links below.

Pancreatic Cancer UK

alldayPA Charity Of The Month in November 2014, Pancreatic Cancer UK are fighting the disease on all fronts. From support and information to campaigning and research, the organisation launched their Campaign For Hope in 2011. The ambitious campaign aims to double five-year pancreatic cancer survival rates, and to improve the experience of NHS pancreatic cancer patients from being one of the worst to one of the best.

Click here to support Charlotte and Tori’s efforts for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Huntington’s Disease Association

The Huntington’s Disease Association partnered with alldayPA throughout December 2014. A disease of the central nervous system, Huntington’s Disease often develops in people between 30 and 50 years old, causing uncontrollable muscular movements, lack of concentration and short-term memory lapses, among other symptoms. The charity exists to support the people affected by the disease and to provide information for healthcare professionals providing support to families.

Click here to support Charlotte and Tori’s efforts for the Huntington’s Disease Association.


Our official Charity Partner for January 2015, Barnardo’s aims to ensure that every child, regardless of background, upbringing, race or religion, gets the start they need in life to achieve their potential. Working with homeless, neglected and vulnerable children, the charity works in local communities across the UK to deliver their support.

Click here to support Charlotte and Tori’s efforts for Barnardo’s.

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