Have Your Business Calls Answered By A Telephone Answering Service

Whether you are a small business, a small to medium sized business or even a large business, you will find there will be a custom made service for you when outsourcing to a telephone answering service. If you outsource all or just some of your business calls to a telephone answering service, it will give your business that much desired professional business image.

If you use a telephone answering machine or voicemail to handle your overspill calls, the majority of callers will not leave a message or even call back as they are more likely to hang up the telephone as opposed to talking to a machine.

In a survey recently published, eight per cent of respondents declared that they would put the phone down if their call was not answered by a person. These are all potential business calls that your company may be missing out on which is not something that any business should experience in these current tough economic times.

It really does feel like you have a full time receptionist working for you, but with a sixty per cent saving on hiring your own staff. The telephone answering service does take the day to day strain out of your business day, leaving you with the time and energy to get onto the important role of running a successful business.

The call centres employ a highly trained and skilled team of telephone operators who work a shift pattern to cover a twenty four hour a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year. If you decide to outsource to a telephone answering service you will be allocated an Account Manager who will discuss with you all of your needs and put into place a bespoke package tailor made for your companies requirements.

This of course is where you will be able to change, update and amend the package as and when it becomes necessary, due to your business requirements changing all the time and allowing your service to change along with it.

This in turn provides your company with a cost effective and highly professional service with the vast experience the call centre has to offer.

Outsourcing to a telephone answering service is like having your very own virtual receptionist, similar to employing one yourself but without all the added salaries and extra technical equipment that would be needed. Also, because the call centre operates a twenty four hours service there will always be a real person to answer your customers’ calls.

A lot of businesses work with companies and customers overseas, by using the telephone answering service, you will never have to worry about missing these important calls again that may be received in the middle of the night UK time but may only be mid morning in Tokyo.

Customers in these economically tough days very often demand a twenty four hour a day and seven days a week service and they know that a website will not always do the job properly. Customers much prefer to speak to a real person on the end of the phone that can answer their questions and queries straight away.

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