Growing A Business: MIA Online, From Garden Shed To Nation-Wide Success

Eileen Dalrymple-White, Corporate Director of MIA Online Ltd. talks about life as a start-up owner and how alldayPA’s services grew with her business to help her company grow.

When MIA Online Ltd started we had a large shed at the end of our garden. We started out as an online Memberships company; we catered to people with complicated medical histories, offering them a place to store, edit and access all their medical information from all over the world. We thought it would be as simple as people buying our Membership online and us sending them their details.

Eventually however, because so many of our Members had medical histories that meant they experienced difficulty obtaining Travel Insurance, we thought we should try to help.

With the addition of our new insurance services, we understandably grew bigger and had more calls to deal with. We were working late and having food deliveries at our side gate. We were worried about missing a call especially if we took a breather and went to the gym for a couple of hours. It was becoming so stressful.

Then we found alldayPA and arranged for them to take all our overflow calls. We received texts if we were out and about so if it was important we could call customers back straight away.

We took on another member of staff and it was a bit of a squeeze in our garden shed. Then we took on another who had to work from our dining room. When we needed even more staff we finally opened up our office in Rayleigh.

At each stage, alldayPA were with us, supporting us and doing all they could to helps us. They tailored their scripts to capture the varying information that we needed. Whilst we were training our new staff they took a lot of detailed and personal information such as medical history and medication which saved us time when we returned the calls. Once more of our internal staff were trained we adjusted the scripts with alldayPA to capture less information which saved us some money.

Any Medical Emergency Assistance Calls where they had a MIA Membership but not our Insurance were put through to the out of hours mobile. Any calls regarding Medical Emergency Assistance Calls related to the Insurance purchased were connected straight through to the appointed Assistance Company. This meant an excellent and seamless customer service with less aggravation for us. Details were emailed to us which meant we could arrange for the relevant details to be emailed over to the Assistance Company.

We are currently focused on opening our new offices in Suffolk and are once again diverting any overflow calls to alldayPA. In fact I can’t imagine ever being without them.

No company can staff to their busiest times and as such it is inevitable that calls will be dropped. This has a huge impact on business not just in lost sales but on customers’ impression of the company which will be passed on to many other friends and family.

The money saved in staffing far exceeds the cost of alldayPA’s call answering service, and the comfort in never losing a call – especially ones where our members are in need of assistance is invaluable.

We would have no hesitation in recommending alldayPA to anyone, no matter how small or how large the company is. They truly have become our office in Manchester. Our call answering colleagues really respect what we do and how we like to do it. Quite often the emails that come through form our virtual PAs will say “…..our company” or “….would recommend us to anyone.” If this is what they are typing to us you can feel good about how they think of our company, are handling our calls and talking to our customers.

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