How can outsourcing solve hospitality’s staffing crisis?


Hospitality is facing a staffing crisis, but there’s still hope

This week The Caterer relaunched its Think Again campaign to promote the hospitality sector as a viable career path for young adults. The decision to relaunch the campaign came following a report from the workforce development charity People 1st that the hospitality sector will need 993,000 additional staff by 2020, with 870,000 of those needed to replace existing staff.

In addition to this, the Think Again campaign identifies that following Brexit the number of staff required within the hospitality sector could rise further should EU migrant workers lose their right to work in the UK.

The study by People 1st and the relaunch of the Think Again campaign shows that when it comes to staff levels the hospitality and restaurant industries are in dire straits. While we wholeheartedly support the Think Again campaign, and any campaign that focuses on upskilling workers and supporting the UK hospitality industry, the campaign will take at least a few years to generate trained staff which means the hospitality and restaurant industry needs a solution now to the challenge of staffing. Outsourcing is that solution.

How can outsourcing help?

When businesses are struggling with limited staff, an effective way to maximise the productivity of those remaining staff members is to outsource telephone answering. In environments like a restaurant, waiting staff have many jobs that need to be completed on any shift, however a large part of their time on shift can easy be taken up by answering the phone. This is a problem for a number of reasons. When a staff member is talking to customers on the phone they cannot perform any other business critical tasks. Another issue is that in many restaurants and bars the phone will be behind the bar. If a restaurant is already clearly short staffed, a customer is only going to become more disgruntled seeing a staff member talking on the phone while they are left waiting to be served. This in turn causes the staff member to speed up the phone call which can result in poor customer service, and in instances such as taking bookings, can result in the wrong information being taken. All of these issues can be avoided by outsourcing telephone answering to alldayPA.

At alldayPA we can offer standard message taking services as well as appointment booking services that help to keep your books full. We will take yours calls 24 hours a day which keeps your staff free to perform business critical tasks and provide excellent service to your customers in house.

As staff numbers continue to dwindle in the UK, telephone outsourcing will become an increasingly effective solution for the hospitality sector to maximise the performance of their existing staff.

To find out more about how alldayPA can support your business, call us today on 0345 056 8888.