How do some countries around the world say hello? Infographic

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How do some countries around the world say hello?

Every day we answer the phone and say the same thing or when we call someone else we expect the same response- Hello click here for more info. But why do we use this one word? Many think that the way people were greeted in person was used in conjunction with answering the phone however it is actually the other way around. The word hello was first used in a telephone conversation and then translated into everyday life when meeting with someone face to face.

Alexander Graham Bell originally wanted people to answer the phone with the phrase ‘Ahoy’ however this ever caught on as it was viewed as a nautical phrase and was suited more for the high sea, rather than the telephone.  In 1877, Thomas Edison suggested the word hello, not as a greeting but as an exclamation used to attract attention. This caught on with the help of the first phone books ‘how to’ section which standardised the greeting as the correct way to answer the telephone. However suggested ending a conversation with ‘That is all” which thankfully never caught on.

alldayPA have looked at how some other countries around the world say hello.




Poland  cześć

Germany Hallo!

Palau Alii!

Japan こんにちは

Greenland Haluu

Irish Dia dhuit

Argentina Hola

Great Britain Hello

Austria zdravo

Cyprus Χαίρετε


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