How Much Is A Lost Call Worth To Your Business?

New research from IT Services supplier, BT Business shows that UK businesses are losing as much as £90million in lost sales every year because of a failure to pick up the phone. On average, a single missed call could lose your business £1,200.

Smallest businesses are losing out on the biggest numbers, according to the research. The 63,400 UK companies with just 20-49 lost over £36.5 million between April 2013 and March 2014.

Productivity versus losses

It is no secret that as our phones get smarter and our networks more social, our work schedules are also becoming more flexible. 77% of SMEs offer flexible working to their employees, meaning that they are not always easy for customers and suppliers to contact. Even hot-desking around the office is seen as a cause of missed calls, with 45% of companies offering this as an option to restless workers.

Two-thirds of IT decision-makers polled by BT said that they see the ability to work from anywhere as beneficial for productivity. Four-fifths of those asked said that they spend at least some time working outside the office and use more than three different devices to communicate whilst at work.

Do we really have to make a choice between more engaged, productive employees and fewer lost calls? When both are valuable assets to any business, this seems a difficult call to make.

alldayPA Financial Director Ken Crabtree commented on the figures. “The problem is that, while companies need employees to be engaged and focused to maximise productivity, the constant mobility of staff means that simple tasks such as call routing become more difficult.” Mr. Crabtree added, “The solution for firms can’t be to stop offering such perks as flexible hours, but equally they can’t afford not to address the loss of business as a direct result of missed calls.”

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