How To Kick-Start Your Startup Through Social Media

Starting a new business can be a challenging process. Over 500,000 people in the UK every year make the decision to start a business of their own. While the success rates of such ventures remain low, the rewards of success are appealing to many entrepreneurs.

Facing business in the twenty-first century, you’ve probably heard that social media is pretty big. So, how can you can kick-start your start up with social media, and ensure the survival of your brand?

Why bother with social media?

It’s no secret that almost all B2B marketing leaders agree that the role of marketing is changing. And there seems to be an overwhelming consensus that this is a good thing. Social media is heavily responsible for this change. 85% of B2B business leaders agree that they visit some form of online community or forum at least once a month.

Information is shared on these platforms by people who know what they’re talking about!

Entrepreneurs use these platforms to share the secrets of their success, and pass them on to you. You can interact with the leaders in your sector, on behalf of your start up. Get answers from Richard Branson on Quora, or read his blog on LinkedIn Today.

How can you use social media to help your start up?

Engage, not only with big names in your industry through social media networks, but with the people who use your service. Learn from your clients and customers what they want to see, and learn from the big names how to provide it.

Find new customers

You can also target new customers by providing interesting and engaging opinions on topics valued by your audience. You should respond to users who engage with you, personalising your brand and making it tangible to your clients.

You must be careful not to ignore comments on social media. 71% of customers expect to receive assistance within five minutes when they reach out to your brand on social media.

Last year, 69% of small businesses said they felt social media helped them compete with larger brands.

Social media provides your start up with instant, and free, feedback

If your customers like the service you’re providing, you have provided them with a space to publicly endorse your company.

If you receive negative feedback on your social media profile, do not ignore it! Ignoring the problem will make you seem apathetic to the level of care you provide your customers. Use negative feedback as an opportunity to improve customer relations by apologising and ensuring the mistake never happens again.

Use social media to understand and engage with your audience. It’s a free platform for marketing your new brand and making you known.

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