How To Use Social Media Channels To Improve Customer Service


Social media is a digital giant that no business nowadays can afford to ignore.

Most of the time its benefits are routinely preached for companies’ marketing and sales departments. Yet the various ways in which Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and various other monoliths of the internet can improve customer service are virtually ignored.

To correct this silence here is a range of benefits everyone from an SME boss to the CEO of a major corporation can gain from making their customer service departments a little more sociable.

1. Communicate every change

Everyone in a business knows when a product, service or way of delivering either has changed, yet customers don’t always have the same level of engagement.

Despite companies’ best efforts with emails, website notifications and advertising, the message is often lost on many which, in turn, translates into fewer purchases.

Although it cannot guarantee you’ll reach all 100% of your target audience, social media does give you another avenue to communicate through. The ability to send sponsored messages to particular demographics on platforms like Facebook gives you the chance to get ever closer to your target.

2. Cross-interaction

No, we don’t mean angry conversations. We mean that when you post something on Twitter, someone can respond to that message in a way that’s visible to the rest of the connected world. The same rule applies to Facebook comments, YouTube feeds and a variety of other sites.

This enables customers to not only feel involved with the company – a key component towards seeing it as trustworthy and people-orientated – but they also get a chance to receive answers to their questions, from staff or even from other members of the public.

3. Feedback for free

Asking customers for feedback is often seen as a good thing, even if the responses aren’t always positive. People appreciate being asked for their view and they value having an input to a service.

Therefore, posting messages on a platform which allows them to do just that is another way of showing that you care about them as people, not just customers. On top of that, you are also able to get valuable feedback about your services in a way that’s far cheaper than hiring a survey company.

4. Keep an eye on the competition

Take the point about feedback above and turn the spotlight on someone else. With all social media posts made public, that means that not only can you monitor comments on your own services, but you can also check out how your market rivals are getting on.

Although no one can deny the pleasure of watching the digital world slate your competitor’s products, being able to see what is and isn’t working for them is very useful when charting the future direction of your company.

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