How To Write A Blog People Will Care About

You need to write a blog. This is what you know. You know it’s a great way to drive traffic to your site, as well as improving your SEO. You need to become one of those “thought leaders.”

People should come to your blog when they want interesting insights to your industry or service.

So… what do you write about? And how often should you post to your blog?

If you’re a solo trader or a small business owner, the thought of blogging can seem even more daunting, especially if you just want to concentrate on running your business.

But the best part about a blog is that it allows you to showcase what you are good at. A lot of the time, most of the apparent difficulties associated with blogging come in the form of writer’s block. Just what should you write about?


This seems like a straightforward solution. You know lots about your business. You know lots about the services you provide. And writing about it all is a chance to show off to clients and potential clients how good you really are at what you do, right?


Writing about your business is a perfectly legitimate approach to blogging. But the emphasis should be on your customers, not on your company.

No one really wants to know what you do. But everyone is interested about what you can do for them. Write about the benefits of a certain service you provide. Provide your clients with tips and tricks about your industry.

For example, how can you go about outsourcing your call handling? You need a service provider who’s reliable, professional, and cost-effective.

You can research call handling services by going to review sites such as Trust Pilot to compare telephone answering companies. Turn to social media and find out what their clients are saying about them, and visit their blog to get a feel of what they’re about.

How often should you post?

Really, this can depend on what works best for you. If you’re a solo trader or working in a micro or small business, setting aside time to properly research and then write your blog can start to feel like a burden.

On the other hand, it’s a burden that can really pay off.

Find a balance that works for you. Make the effort to post regularly, maybe once a week to start with.

You can post your articles on your social media pages. Renowned marketing expert, Guy Kawasaki repeats posts to his social media channels to improve chances that his audiences will see them and engage with them.

If you’re writing one article a week, be sure you post about it three times that week. If Guy doesn’t make the assumption that his followers are stalking his social media channels 24/7, then neither should you. Post at different times of the day to improve your chances of reaching as many people as possible.

This way, you can maximise your blogging efforts by increasing your chances of driving traffic to your site.

How often do you blog? What do you blog about?

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