How You Can Make Sure Your SME Is Providing The Best Possible Customer Service

Because the cost of attracting new customers is so much greater than that of retaining existing ones, we know that maintaining customer loyalty is important to your SME. A sure fire way of guaranteeing return business is to provide the best quality service to your customers. Likewise, your company is 92% more likely to lose customers who have received poor customer service. We have compiled a list of the most effective ways to ensure your SME can guarantee your clients the best service, and maintain your existing clients.

People want to talk to people

Research commissioned by Vodafone has revealed that customers really value the ability to talk directly with another person, either by phone, by email, or face to face. While social media channels are an important means of direct communication with clients, customers still need to know that they can contact your company and hear a human voice. You can reduce costs by outsourcing your company’s call answering services, so that you needn’t be bombarded with calls.


Listen to your customers! Social media channels provide an excellent way to communicate directly with your customers, and understand how you can improve your services in future. If your customers know you care about their experience with your company, they are more likely to continue their business with you.

Social media

We don’t need to tell you that social media is everywhere. Large and small businesses alike are defining their brands online. Your SME can reap the benefits of what is essentially a free online space to advertise your services, directly to your customers. It also provides your clients with a means of contacting you directly. 71% of customers expect a response within five minutes of reaching out to your company through social media. You can personalise your business to the concerns of your individual customers through social media, making them 71% more likely to recommend your company.


Showing an eager willingness to assist your customers with their problems or concerns demonstrates that your SME will go the extra mile for the sake of its clients. Even if this means handling concerns or situations which normally fall outside your job description. Great customer service has the appearance of being seamless, while, most importantly, achieving the customers’ goals.

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