Infographic | Is Your Business A Nightmare?

You stretch out your hand. You can feel the cold sweat on your brow. Your heart beats in your chest as you try to slow your breathing. You reach out a trembling hand and pick up the phone. You dial the number. It’s ringing. It’s ringing. It’s ringing…

You let out a piercing scream.

Dealing with nightmare businesses can be terrifying. They are unapproachable, unavailable and unreliable. Why would you spend your time and energy dealing with a business that was so ghoulish?

Eerie atmosphere

The door creaks closed behind you and you hear the lock turn. You turn back and try to open it but it won’t move. You hear whispers echo down the long hallway and stare ahead of you, knowing the only escape is forwards.

You take a deep breath and, shaking, you start to walk through the building. It feels empty. But the sound of footsteps on stairs and whispers from dark corners make the hair on your arms stand up. You are not alone, but you can’t see who’s in here with you.

Eerie offices are unpleasant places to visit. They are kind of depressing to be honest. They don’t show off what’s great about your business because your staff don’t seem like they believe it. Adding a splash of colour to the workplace, personalising desks and encouraging conversation can create a vibrant sense of community which can help shake off that eerie, haunted house feeling.

Dead leads

You squint in the dark and make out a door ahead of you. Reaching out for the handle, you feel something cold brush against your hand. You feel the fear building in your throat and force the door open, slamming it shut behind you.

Cowering against the frame, you force yourself to look into the room. It is almost pitch black but you can see a window at the end. Clutching the wall, you feel your way towards the gloomy patch of light, heart pounding, hopeful that you can escape.

Then you see it.

You freeze.

A hand is peeking out from under a white sheet. You fall away from it, staring at what you know is a mound of limp, lifeless human bodies.

Dead leads make for a dead business. Make sure you know your audience before you pitch to them. What are they looking for? How can your product or service help them? Why will they benefit from a purchase with you? Stop wasting time chasing the dead leads and focus on targeting those with a pulse.

Lifeless employees

Shrinking away from the pile of corpses, you turn and run towards the window. You try to heave it open but it’s painted shut. You look frantically around you for an escape and notice out of the corner of your eye that the mound of human bodies is moving.

You scream and run from the room, leaving the squirming mass of rotting flesh to find its feet before it can follow you out of the room.

If your customers are frequently greeted by a staff that resemble the undead, you might want to rethink your policies and surroundings. Happy staff mean happy customers, so make sure you create an environment that lifts spirits and encourages motivation so you can foster success.

Terrifying managers

You run until you see a staircase. Panting raggedly, you glance behind you to see one of the bodies limping towards you. You can almost feel its breath at the back of your neck as you scramble up the staircase, legs heavy and heart pounding. It’s inches away from you. It’s clawing at your clothes. You fall. You scream…

As a manager, you can’t rely on scare tactics to get the most out of your employees. This can lead to people not wanting to come into work because they are scared of having to face their manager. Focus on inspiring your team and leading by example. Listen to their concerns and be constructive when they come to you with problems.

Scared customers

The stench is unbearable. It’s fallen on top of you and you can feel it trying to grip you. You lash out and wrestle free. You see one last window at the end of the hall. Launching yourself to your feet, you charge shoulders-first into the window and catapult yourself free of the building and all its lifeless inhabitants, bruised and terrified into the dawn.

If your business is a nightmare to deal with, your customers will never come back. Cranky staff, out-dated systems and broken promises can all drive your customers away.


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