Is Blocking Competitors a Step Too Far?


Social media is one on the main platforms that businesses use in today’s market when it comes to showcasing what the company does, offer instant customer service and showing the general working life of the day to day employee. When people are using social media channels for business, they may be sharing campaigns, upcoming events or internal news that they don’t want competitors to see. However is blocking competitors from seeing the business news feed the correct thing to do? Are they causing more harm than good to the reputation of the business?

Think about it? What are they gaining from blocking a competitor?  Frankly the business is going to come across rather petty and look like they are running scared of what the competition may do. Businesses need to stick by their decisions and showcase how well the company is doing via social media. There needs to be a market leader and by hiding the good work that they are doing is not the way to make it to the top.

Another point to remember is that there is no way to block every member of competition from seeing a news feed. They will still see what the business is doing. The staff of the company will still be able to access through private accounts, people liking or sharing posts or links back to the social media page. There is no way a business can be completely private.

The business will come across overly sensitive. Businesses may block a competitor that has links to other companies that could really benefit their business. If people and suppliers found out that they are blocking competitors on social media, it may affect the company reputation and the want for suppliers to work with that business in the future. Even though this may seem like a dramatic conclusion to one simple account blocking, they can never be sure on how this could affect their business. Employees need to be smart and socially aware of the image being created via social media channels and how the public perceive the business.

A final point to consider is that the business may be damaging their relationship with competitors. Businesses don’t want to be in a social media war with competitors as it can be very unprofessional. By starting a feud, competitors may go to more drastic extremes to bring down a business. By playing fair in the marketplace, relationships aren’t ruined and business can run smoothly.

So the next time you consider blocking a competitor from your social media pages, be aware that it’s not as simple as hiding a few posts and it can end up damaging the reputation of the company. Showcase what you have to offer and be proud of the services you are providing.

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