Is Christmas the Hardest Time of Year for Letting Agents?


Christmas – It’s the best time of year isn’t it? Well maybe not, especially if you’re a letting agent. While many businesses will begin to wind down as they approach the 25th of December, for letting agents the challenges come thick and fast, and will continue to do so throughout the winter.

Demanding Tenants

Christmas is the time to be at home with the family. As people prepare to entertain their friends and family members over the Christmas period, they suddenly become aware of any repairs and improvements that are needed at the property, which for letting agents can mean a lot of work. Peeling paint, cloudy windows, and warped door frames all become “must fix” issues as soon as people know the in-laws are on their way.

Add to this the colder weather creating demand for better insulation and heating system improvements, and it’s likely letting agents will find themselves with a number of demanding tenants on their hands as Christmas approaches.

Disappearing Landlords

While tenants become increasingly demanding in the run up to Christmas, this is also the time of year that Landlords can be at their most elusive. A combination of wanting to forget about business worries over the festive period, and wanting to save money at such an expensive time of year, means that many letting agents may struggle to get hold of their landlords. With tenants phoning up on a regular basis wanting repairs to be made before the big day, a disappearing landlord only complicates matters further for letting agents.

Destructive Weather

As winter approaches tenants will already have a shopping list of work that they want doing to their property. As if this wasn’t enough, the Great British weather decides to add more problems into the mix by ripping off roof tiles and freezing pipes. The last thing any family wants is a leak in the living room on Christmas morning, so any damage caused by the winter weather must be acted on quickly. For the letting agent this means 24 hour cover and a fantastic team of emergency maintenance people.

Christmas Holidays

So all your tenants want repairs done, the landlords have disappeared, and there’s a force 10 gale on the way, but you’ve got an excellent team ready to get everything fixed for your clients right? Well actually the receptionist’s booked 2 weeks off, and half the maintenance team have phoned in sick after the office Christmas party.

Like all businesses, letting agencies are stretched to their limit over the festive period as staff members spend time at home with their families. Unlike other businesses however, there is no reduction in work load for letting agents. Fortunately, there is a solution to the challenges letting agencies face at this time of year.

Telephone Answering for Letting Agencies

One of the most effective ways for letting agencies to deal with the challenge of the Christmas period is to use a telephone answering service. A telephone answering service from alldayPA will support the business and cover staff while they take a break over the Christmas period, and ensures that every call is answered regardless of how high call volume gets.

In addition to this, alldayPA can offer diary management and emergency call-out services to help organise maintenance work and emergency repairs for tenants. This significantly reduces the workload of staff in house, and ensures a rapid response to any emergencies like burst pipes or power cuts as the weather gets worse.

For more information about how telephone answering can support letting agencies at this time of year, get in touch with alldayPA at 0345 056 8888.

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