Is this the way for IT companies to cope with computer illiterate clients

Call answering for IT companies

Life for tech support is never fun. You’re invited into a business to help set up their infrastructure and network, only to be called back again after a few months, weeks, or sometimes just days to discover the systems you put in place have been broken beyond repair. Not only are you held responsible, but you’re chastised as the harbinger of doom and are expected to get things back up and running within 3 nanoseconds of your arrival.

While all this is going on your phone is ringing with queries from your other clients along the lines of “where has the button for the internet gone?”, “my laptop is making a funny noise”, and “the printer says ‘ink low’ – what does that mean?”.

The general lack of technical knowledge amongst the public means that more often than not people’s expectations of their IT support is incredibly high. There is an assumption held that any issue that arises on their computer can be fixed by pressing a few buttons in the right order. What this means if you’re an IT maintenance person is that your phone will ring all day with people insisting their problem needs your attention immediately.

The problem with customer service for IT companies

The massive expectations customers have of their IT people can cause 2 major problems. The first is that productivity is greatly affected by having to deal with customer service calls when you should be working, and the second is customers will call you insisting their issue is an emergency. Without a proper screening process you could drop everything and rush to their aid only to arrive and find they want help plugging a keyboard in. One way for IT companies to deal with the constant stream of demands from their customers is to use a telephone answering service from alldayPA.

alldayPA can talk to your problem customers

At alldayPA we understand the needs of the IT sector and our services reflect that. Rather than just offering a message taking service like most call answerers, we offer comprehensive incident call handling and diary management services with in depth scripting options that can accurately assess the urgency of the incident and the specific need of the caller.

This means you can easily rank your jobs in order of priority to ensure no customer is left without help when they need it the most, or you can let us manage your diary so you always know where your next call-out is.

We also understand that unlike many other sectors, IT and tech companies offer a range of complicated products and services which require our staff to have a thorough understanding of your company. All of our PA’s undergo an extensive training program that enables them to accurately route your calls through your switchboard to get callers to the right department every time.

While we can’t promise to stop your customers calling every time their computer does an update, we can promise to manage your calls while you get on with the computer voodoo you do so well.

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