Keep Your Customers Happy – Offer First Class Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy is the key to a successful business. They will continue to use your service, recommend you to other potential customers and help your business grow. Getting customer service right is very important and not very hard to do. Follow these key steps to ensure you have the basics covered.

1. Keep it personal

There is no need to speak business language all of the time. Ensure you keep it friendly and personable, remember you are having a conversation. Customers will feel at ease when you are speaking the same language as them. So keep it simple.

2. Keep language positive

If you are unable to deliver what they need at that moment and time, keep the situation positive. Let the customer know when it will be available and let them know that you will set a reminder so that they will be notified.

3. Give thanks to the real world

Send customers a thank you. It’s great for customer service and social media activity as a large percentage of customers will share and post examples of good customer service online.

4. Make customers feel welcome and important

Make customers feel like you want to speak to them and help them with any problems they may have. If you dismiss their enquiry or make them feel like it is not important you may lose that customer to a competitor.

5. Listen to your customers

Listen to what the customer is saying and try to take on board the changes that you could make. Make sure this problem doesn’t reoccur.

6. Know how to say sorry

If the company is at fault make sure you say sorry. Don’t make excuses for something that could have been avoided, take responsibility.

7. Give them more than they expect

Surprise your customers, Send them a birthday card or a Christmas present. Go above and beyond what they expect you to do and they will appreciate it.

8. Keep in contact with them

Check in once and a while and see how they are, are they enjoying the service you are offering? Is there anything that they would like to change?

9. Explain what’s happening

If a customer has a problem explain to them why that has happened. Make sure they know how the problem occurred and how you will fix it.

10. Tell the truth

Finally, tell the truth. If something that has happened was the fault of the business let them know and assure them that it will be fixed and never happen again. If you lie and they find out you lied the trust will be gone and you may lose these customers to a competitor.

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