How To Fit Your Life Around Social Media At Christmas

While Christmas is typically a time to sit back, relax and reflect on the year behind you and the one ahead, for many business owners the wind down can prove more stressful than business at full steam.

Your staff are out of the office; business slows to a stand-still as your business partners also wind down for the season; but for commercial companies, customers don’t stop until the last minute on Christmas Eve. How can you cater to your customers, as well as the needs of your staff who, rightly, expect a well-deserved break at the end of the year?

Have you given thought to how you will manage your social media channels at Christmas? Not only will keeping it active and interesting project a more professional and corporate image to our customers than letting it fall silent, it will also increase engagement with your brand, rather than falling off the radar.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Social media never sleeps. For this reason, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are celebrated for keeping the world connected in real time, providing updates on current events and people informed on the goings on of their good friends, far-flung acquaintances and even favourite brands.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, people are sending out messages and searching for information on social media. Christmas is irrelevant to this phenomenon (except for topical infographics and pictures of pets with Santa hats on).

If your business operates a consistent online marketing strategy, you need to keep on top of your social media over Christmas in order to maintain your brand’s identity online. It is unprofessional to drop off the radar for the days surrounding Christmas and suddenly reappear again after the eggnog haze has lifted. For this reason, this non-strategy is not good for your brand.

Christmas strategy

Plan your content ahead of time with tools like Hootsuite. Look back to your online activity at Christmas last year. Ask what type of content that generated the most interest from your followers on social media. What posts got the most click-throughs and traffic? Perhaps your audience were more interested in videos than text posts. Incorporate more of these posts into your strategy again this year and leave out what didn’t work so well.

Make sure you include lots of invitations and opportunities for users to click through to your site. You may be closed for business but that doesn’t mean your marketing should take a break as well. The point of social media networking is to keep you in business even when your business is closed for Christmas.

Human machine

Scheduling your posts ahead of time is a great way to ensure that your timelines don’t just go dead at Christmas. It keeps you relevant and interesting, a particularly effective strategy if your competitors fall silent around Christmas and New Year.

But it is important that there is a human manning the operations as well. If you usually take care of your social media yourself, keep your phone by your side and enjoy the day. If something happens on social media that requires your attention, you can take a few minutes to respond to it before getting back to your day.

If the responsibility of your social media strategy lies with an intern or someone else in your company, the decision lies with you. Either you can opt to take it off their hands on Christmas day and while they are out the office, or you can decide to take care of any mentions, queries or interactions after the Christmas period. Though then you run the risk of alerting your audiences to the fact that your posts are automated.

Alternatively, you might consider outsourcing your social media efforts over the Christmas period to guarantee your customers excellent service even on Christmas day at ten o’clock at night.

The nature of your business, the clients you cater to and their online habits, as well as customer expectations, will no doubt be the ultimate factors in your decision-making process. It is crucial that you think about these things in advance to avoid a silent social feed over the festive period.


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