Kids Say The Funniest Things: Telephone Background Noise

The Easter half term is underway, but as thousands of British families take time off to spend time with their children, a third of working parents admit the holiday is likely to be invaded by their jobs.

alldayPA surveyed 1,000 UK families and found that 12 per cent of working parents expected to carry out at least 4 hours of unpaid work, when away with their families.

A further 32 per cent admitted that they would take work calls while on holiday, and 36 planned to check and respond to emails. As a result, 23 per cent admitted their children and partners regularly complained about their bad habits.

Answering Business Calls Is Important

Business-focused individuals understand how important each phone call is. Clients are not like family. They won’t keep calling your phone because your refusal to answer is scaring them. Instead, these clients will find business elsewhere.

In an age where everyone seems to have a smartphone sticking out of their pocket, it’s easy to see why working parents take time out of their day to focus on business.

However, there’s good business practices, and there’s the kind of practices that lose customers and win nothing but complaints. Ignoring incoming business inquiries is bad. But answering the phone call in an unprofessional manner is much worse.

Never Work With Children Or Animals

Children and animals behave unpredictably on stage, on movie-set, and in a business environment. Working with children and animals could lose you potential custom.

Working at home during the Easter holidays can be great. Until, home and work life collide together, and you have children crying out for attention, business lines ringing, washing overflowing and two projects due in less than 24 hours.

Juggling work and life can be difficult to master. You must never let your child answer your business telephone line. It can be very frustrating and embarrassing when your child starts spouting gibberish and hanging up the phone.

To become successful, you must appear to be professional and generate trust in client relationships. Background pollution will turn clients away. The noise transmitted down the telephone line will make it difficult for you to think, and your client to understand your words. Further, children screeching and animals barking will make your business sound mediocre.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Smartphones are an incredible useful tool, but they blur the boundaries between work and home. Recent studies indicate that as a nation we are becoming more and more addicted to our smartphones and perhaps we need to make a more conscious effort to put them to one side, especially during holiday breaks with our families.

However, customers want to contact you around the clock. Therefore, your business needs to be accessible during the Easter holidays and throughout the year. A telephone answering service will ensure you never miss a business opportunity again while creating precious time to spend with your family.

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