Landlords, respond to tenants quickly or risk fines


Take your tenant’s damp complaints seriously. That was the message from Letting Agent Today as they reported about the increasing pressure on landlords to act quickly to reports of damp.

The issue was highlighted recently by a case in which St Helen’s Landlord Adrian Webb had to pay fines of £3,500 after failing to adequately tackle the problem of damp in one of his properties.

Mr Webb was understandably sorry that the issue arose and has pledged to bring the property back up to standard as quickly as possible. Surely his apology and commitment to fixing the problem is an adequate course of action? Unfortunately not says chair of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks Patricia Barber.

Barber is quoted as saying “By ignoring improvement notices and complaints from tenants about issues like damp and mould, landlords are putting renters’ safety at risk as well as opening themselves up to receiving a hefty fine,” and that “Landlords should try to deal with damage complaints as quickly as possible, in order to minimise the chances of it escalating into a serious problem.”

Responding quickly to tenants complaints

What this shows is that Landlords are increasingly expected to provide their tenants with a high level of customer service at all times, whether they are small landlords letting their property independently or if they act through a letting agent.

By using a telephone answering service, Landlords can ensure that their tenants have a hotline they can phone 24 hours a day to report instances of damage or required improvements. This in an important first step in expediting the process of repair and can help to prevent landlords getting into legal difficulty such as that experienced by Mr Webb.

At alldayPA we are experienced handlers of customer service calls, and we have a number of PA’s who specialise in property and answering calls on behalf of landlords. We offer everything from basic message taking to 24 hour incident response services which includes arranging call outs from repair and maintenance engineers.

Don’t be caught with a £3,500 fine – call us on 0345 056 8888 and find out more about telephone answering from alldayPA.

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