Make Smart Choices in 2016

We’ve officially entered 2016. This year businesses will start, grow and stall. Making a plan, setting goals and working towards achievements are an integral element of any business. If you have yet to set your resolutions and would like to grow your business in the process, here are a few ideas to get you and your business kick started into the New Year.

1. Make your customers a priority

Customers are the single most important aspect of a successful business. Without them, you will not survive. Offering a service beyond what they expect will benefit your business as customers will remain loyal and recommend your products or services to associates, friends and family. If your customers need advice, have a question or query about what they are purchasing from you, your business should be able to take these calls at any time of the day or night. Being available to your customers is important.

2. Increase your sales

Increasing sales and growing your business will be everyone’s priority this year. To grow and acquire new customers is difficult however when you have a busy schedule, especially when you are an entrepreneur or small business, you may not a large team of staff to help you. If you are networking, in a meeting or simply at home you may miss enquiries, who then call your competition. Ensure you have a system in place that allows you to capture every lead and call. Have someone to speak on behalf of your business when you and your staff may be busy or unable to.

3. Don’t be afraid to Outsource

Outsourcing can save your business a lot of money. Companies hire staff to do jobs simply because they are not aware that they have other options. There are businesses in the market that can do almost everything for your company and your customers will never know. It can make your business appear a lot larger and you could also gain the specialist knowledge you would not have obtained if you kept all tasks in-house.

4. Focus on your brand image

The image of the brand is what customers buy into. If you care about your customers, offer an unbeatable service and do more, people will notice. By improving your brand image, you will gain recommendations, sales and growth. With such a polluted market companies need to focus on the things that make them stand out, they need a USP. Branding can help make a business stand out and taking into concept the full image of the brand, you can transform a business.

5. Network more

Make as many connections as possible in 2016. Set yourself a goal and achieve it. People can help build your business. It’s important to have connections is as many aspects of the industry as possible. Join networking groups, sign up for events and go to working lunches. You’ll never know who could help you in the future.

So start 2016 in the correct way, get organised and work smarter.

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