Make Your Marketing Work For You With Media Response Line

Picture this, you’re at home watching television on a Sunday night when an advertised product catches your immediate attention. You find the company on your mobile phone and browse their website. You have a few questions and would like the guidance of a customer advisor but when you contact the company, you’re greeted by a recorded voice informing you to try again tomorrow.

Missed Opportunities

Over the past two years, there has been an 85 percent increase in the calls outside of core business hours and a 64 percent increase in weekend calls, both of which generated by advertising. When you have invested your time and money on marketing, your lines of communication should be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Respondents to your advertising are more likely to respond to your media campaign while indulging in their free time. Therefore, more enquiries are likely to occur outside of the traditional working hours. If you only answer incoming calls during your office opening hours, you’re losing many business opportunities.

Each phone call is an opportunity to engage in conversation and, over time, build a lasting relationship. Callers expect to reach a person at the end of the line and receive effective customer services when they do. Every phone call is a potential sale and you should treat accordingly no matter what time of day.

Lost Customers

Today’s ‘connected’ customer is constantly being bombarded with vast amounts of information. When your company is a click away, potential customers will conclude their own perception of your brand before the first contact. First impressions matter in marketing and to customers.

Ineffective call handling can have a drastic impact on the customer perception of your brand. 76 percent of the businesses we surveyed were unaware of how much money they were losing as a result of unanswered telephone leads generated from their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Broken Expectations

Your advertising may look exceptional, but how are you marketing your brand via voice? The way a company handles their telephone calls can fail to meet customer expectations and, as a result, causes damage to their reputation. Customers have distinctive ideas of what makes a satisfactory call experience. Automated menus, dialling out, voicemail and ques are all unacceptable.

If you’ve got a live website, your brand is open for business 24/7 whether you realise it or not. Your brand must respond to all customer queries quickly and efficiently. If you’re not answering customer calls, your callers will find a competing company who is. This means you’ve lost customers and your marketing efforts have worked to your competitor’s advantage.

Introducing Media Response Line

We have just launched Media Response Line, a specialist division of the alldayPA brand. Working close with companies that want to maximise customer acquisition by ensuring no telephone lead is left unanswered. Experts in ensuring you get maximum return from your campaigns, Media Response Line are on hand to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advertising and marketing campaigns require an investment of time, effort and money to generate results. Whether a multimedia campaign or single advertising campaign, you want to receive maximum results from that investment.

Head over to to see how Media Response Line can help your business increase marketing ROI and deliver happy customers.

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