Too Many Missed Calls And Not Enough Business

Is there any chance that your capacity to answer all your inbound calls is in any way linked to your client base and the speed at which you are able to grow it? People are less inclined to deal with automated answer phone services, and voice mail operations have arguably been dying a death for a good few years now.

Your customers want what they want when they want it and if they can’t get it from you, they’ll find it somewhere else. When seven out of ten callers will choose not to call back when they are met with an answer machine or no answer, you need to make sure that you aren’t losing business because you can’t get to the phone.

Expanding expectations

Customers no longer expect to be required to work within nine to five office hours. The consumer of the twenty-first century demands companies and business owners to work around their schedules.

Social media has opened up a twenty-four hour channel through which clients can contact businesses. Company owners are now working to these expectations rather than their own. When unanswered phone calls can render you a client down, you need to make sure you are on hand to answer all your potential clients’ calls so that you don’t lose business.

Out of hours

Increasing expectations and pressure on business owners can feel like an impossible target. If your callers are expecting you to be available at all hours of the day, it can feel like you have signed away your life to answer phone calls, when you thought you were working for yourself and creating your own schedule.

How can you be on hand to meet the demands of the night owls who never sleep and only get productive after ten in the evening, as well as the early birds catching the worm at five am? The task can feel impossible and, moreover, it isn’t what you signed on for.

You are a business owner, not a slave to call answering. You don’t want to spend your life waiting for the phone to ring, trying desperately never to miss a call.

What about the days when your lines are so busy that they become tied up and jammed? Customers simply can’t get through. That engaged tone is frequently as deadly to a business as an automated voicemail service. Customers are simply not interested in waiting for results.

Call answering services

Help is at hand for business owners who want to spend their time doing what they are good at, not fielding incoming calls at all hours of the day and night. Get your life back when you enlist the help of a call handling service like alldayPA.

All your calls will be answered on your behalf, in your company name. Get 24 hour cover, 365 days a year (including Christmas Day) so you can spend your time doing what you love without having to worry about missing any enquiries. The service is professional and affordable. You aren’t tied into any long-term contracts and you get a professional, friendly PA answering all your calls every time.

Your callers will feel well taken care of and you will retain your professional image. Never miss another call with alldayPA.

It will be an invaluable service for your business.

If you would like to know more about how a call answering service will benefit your business, or if you just need short-term cover over the Christmas period, call alldayPA today on 0345 056 8888.

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