Millennials Crave Human Connections in a Digital World

Mocked as the “Facebook generation”, millennials are tech-savvy smartphone addicts who spend their time online lost in the digital world, isolated from human interaction – or so we’re lead to believe!

Contradicting the myth that surrounds them, recent studies show millennials prefer human interaction over digital forms of communication. Although online and mobile are important channels, Generation Y have not abandoned person-to-person contact just yet.

Millennials are the 20th Century’s last generation and first truly digital one. They’re also the largest demographic in the marketplace with a purchasing power to match. But how have millennials influenced customer service and how can businesses meet their increasing expectations?

Customer Service The Millennial Way

Recently, Mattersight surveyed 1000 consumers aged 18-35 to find out what millennials look for in their communications. The survey revealed millennials value relationships and recommendations from real people.

Be Human

Millennials spend a lot of time on their devices and the digital customer experience factors hugely in their lives. However, this has not replaced the human experience but has rather enhanced it. Millennial consumers expect brands to have integrated digital applications but prefer to conduct actual transactions in store.

Millennials will follow brands of interest on social media but when they have a problem to solve, will opt to connect with a real, live person. 76 percent of those surveyed said they would prefer to phone a company to resolve an issue. Brands must think twice before restricting resources to cater for social care.

Be Impressive

When a millennial does pick up the phone to contact a brand, more often than not, the experience doesn’t go well. Of the 76 percent whose preferred contact method was the telephone, 85 percent cited enduring at least one negative call centre experience in the last year.

When contacting a business with a customer service issue, the consumer is already in a state of despair. Although customers may not want to solve problems with a brand via social media, a recent UK study found 59 percent of 25-34 year olds will broadcast a bad customer experience online.

Be Efficient

Highly personalised call experiences are the norm in millennials’ lives. The things that drive everybody crazy about a bad service call – long hold times, multiple transfers, indifferent or inadequate help – are unbearable for this group. A bad call experience is enough for a millennial customer to walk away.

Millennials are a huge target for brands of all sizes. Phone and email are ideal for effectively communicating. Your business must invest in innovative, experience-improving thinking, training and technology to win the hearts of millennials for years to come.

Deliver The Experience Millennials Desire

However, retailers are currently under-delivering when it comes to the demands of millennials. Accenture found 68 percent of all millennials demand an integrated, customer-centric, seamless experience regardless of the channel. Here are five things you need to implement to give millennials the experience they desire:

  • A consistently personalised, on-brand experience for each individual customer at every touchpoint, at anytime and anywhere.
  • A personalised service across all channels providing a faster and more memorable customer service.
  • An integrated operational system for single “conversations” with customers, not one that changes from smartphone to PC to store.
  • IT platforms which unify sources of data and boost cross-channel transparency.
  • The technology, data, analytics and process partners in place to provide the service performance millennials want.

Improved Call Handling

When you invest in alldayPA’s call handling service, you receive a team of virtual PA’s who will be on-demand to answer your customer enquiries in your company’s voice. Millennials require a quick, personal response and your PA’s will deliver just that. Find out how alldayPA services can help your brand deliver a seamless customer experience that appeals to millennials.

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