80% of mobile searches for restaurants end in a sale – make sure you’re one of them


Are you making the most of mobile search traffic?

The first dotcom boom passed a lot of restaurants by. While the ecommerce world exploded, many restaurants chose to rely on traditional methods of filling their books. However, the rise of smartphones and mobile internet access means that in 2016 every restaurant should be online.

Studies have shown that 78% of mobile searches result in a booking or purchase, with 59% wanting to make that booking or purchase the very same day. To put it simply, if a searcher can’t make a booking there and then you’ve missed out on their business.

Your website isn’t good enough

Now, nearly all restaurants will have a website. But how many of those websites are worth their salt? All too often a local restaurant’s website will look to be about 10 years out of date with no obvious opening times, menu, or booking option.

These days people are used to Deliveroo sending food straight to their office at the push of a button. There’s no way they’ll spend 15 minutes trying to find the menu on a website that’s not been updated since 2009. When it comes to mobile, you need a website that makes the booking process as easy and straight forward for the customer as possible.

Don’t waste customer’s time with booking software – use alldayPA

Currently, most websites that offer a booking service will use third party booking software. While booking software is all well and good on a desktop PC, when using a mobile all those pages and data fields are just annoying. The best option for mobile sites is to have a prominent booking line phone number that connects to a booking service managed by alldayPA.

By using an appointment booking service from alldayPA anyone viewing your website on their mobile can call you up and have their call answered within 3 rings* 24 hours a day. Not only does this provide great service for your customers, but it means your staff can concentrate on providing great service front of house while we take orders over phone. alldayPA integrate seamlessly with your in house system so you know your books are always full without having to take a single call.

Get your share of the mobile search market today when you use an appointment taking service from alldayPA. Find out more by calling 0345 056 8888 or visiting www.alldaypa.com.


*98.6% of calls answered in 3 rings

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