Happy Employees, Happy Customers

Richard Branson famously said: “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers.” An entrepreneur with a vision for his company and his employees, Branson understood from the outset that the core to a business success is its people. Now, the era of the empowered customer, this manifesto is being employed by companies of the future who hope to mimic Branson’s footsteps.

It may come not surprise you to find employee engagement is closely linked to customer satisfaction. Whether answering the phone, responding to a tweet or sending an email, the people you employ are a representation of your brand. For this brand representation to lead to a positive experience, it’s important for employees to feel their best when dealing with customers.

Branson further pronounced: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” If you take the interests of your employees to heart, employees will take the company’s interest to heart. For increased financial gains and happier customers, you must increase employee satisfaction.

Happy workforce = Increased Productivity And ROI

The companies which feature on the widely acknowledged Forbes Companies to Work For 2015 list all invest in the happiness and motivation of their staff. As a result, each company sees an increase in return on investment and annual turnover year on year. The award process assesses employee benefits such as employee work-life balance and personal growth opportunities.

It’s clear to see that the success of a business depends on the success of the employee. It cannot be overstated that happy employees equal happy customers. Here’s five ways you can implement a better workplace ethic for increased productivity and happier employees and customers:

1. Be a good leader

Leadership should provide direction and boundaries by putting procedures in place. The more issues and expectations outlined, the fewer problems will arise. Always set clear expectations by giving structured briefs and deadlines. Implement the personal touch by talking in both focus groups and one-on-one meetings.

2. Increase communication

Sometimes, employees just want to be heard. Management should listen to their employees, by doing so, employee trust in your company will strengthen. Encourage employees to share their thoughts and opinions. This newfound respect and confidence will be positively transferred in conversations with customers.

3. Make employees feel valued

Encourage employees to perform well and praise their work when appropriate. If an employee makes a mistake, give them constructive feedback and don’t punish them. If you regularly criticise work, employees will develop a hatred towards your company. If an opportunity arises, allow employees a chance to develop their skill-sets and grow their careers.

4. Apply rewards and incentives

Recognise staff loyalty, commitment and hard work by granting employees with rewards and incentives. An employee of the month programme is a great way to give recognition and motivate employees to work more productively. By going above and beyond, employees will feel they’re not another clog in the wheel.

5. Create a positive atmosphere

The layout of the office is an important productivity factor. Your company must create an atmosphere which is comfortable, pleasant and has the right tools in place. It can be anything from providing an entertainment-filled break room or scheduling after-hours cocktail get-togethers. Whatever the option, employees are likely to appreciate the attention being paid to their job satisfaction. This mood will manifest in how employees treat customers.

In conclusion

Ensuring happiness in employees is one of the most challenging aspects of a business. Companies who understand contented staff impact the company’s bottom-line are usually the most successful. A happier working environment will positively impact the customer experience.

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