Not All Veterinary Practices Are Benefiting, Why?


The UK Veterinary market is booming and is worth well over £3 billion per year, with a projected annual growth rate of more than 3.6%. Over 51,400 people are employed all around the country in this vibrant sector – but not all veterinary practices are benefiting. Why?

It turns out that being a vet is no different to being in any other kind of business: it’s all about the service you provide to customers. But some vets have traditionally been reluctant to provide the basics to theirs, such as making sure someone is available to answer calls. This may be the reason why some owners or partners in a practice are experiencing fall-offs in their income as people opt for those that provide them with the level of service they expect.

It’s incredibly stressful when the vet’s phone just rings

After all, when an animal becomes sick or injured and you need urgent veterinary assistance, it’s incredibly stressful when the vet’s phone just rings and rings and is not answered, or is constantly engaged – or the vet isn’t available at all because it’s outside surgery hours. In a highly connected social media world, which is also increasingly used for referrals, it has become vital for veterinary practices to have a solid online presence and to provide the all-important human touch to their clients.

In fact, we’re all so constantly connected that for many of us, office hours are a thing of the past. Recent research bears this out, with a distinct trend among people to call at any time of day, whether for appointments or emergency care. For many people, the need for veterinary assistance often arises when they get home from work late in the day and discover something is wrong – especially in single-member households.

So what we’ve been seeing evolve in recent times is the emergence of on-demand services that fit with people’s professional lives as well as their leisure time. It’s evidenced in the convenience of online bookings that can be made at any time and more streamlined appointment booking services.

Practices want their high-cost vets out with customers, not answering phones

Naturally, owners of veterinary practices want their high-cost vets out with customers and earning money, so they can pay them and keep the business going; they don’t want them tied up answering phones in the office and other such administrative tasks. So it makes ultimate business sense to use the services of a specialist outside firm that will provide high levels of customer care around the clock.

More people around the UK are getting all kinds of animals: dogs, cats, reptiles, horses, donkeys – you name it. They all need veterinary care, and sometimes urgently, and their owners are willing to pay more for instant service that may be outside of business hours rather than having to deal with the rigid inconvenience of 9-5 only.

For practices that are switched on and provide the level of care their clients want, it means big business opportunities. Plus, they stand to be richly rewarded as good word about them spreads all over the various social media channels.

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