Over 40’s Should Work a 3 Day Week – Here’s How To Do It

30 hour week

You should only work three days a week. That is the headline that ran in many of today’s newspapers thanks to a new paper by the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. The research shows that working 30 hours a week is the optimum length of time for the brains of over 40s, while any amount after that limits your thinking power.

In today’s Guardian Luisa Dillner explains that “Working full-time after the age of 40 is not good for the brain. Doing more than three days a week once you reach this age can damage your ability to think” and that “if you were to work 60 hours a week, your cognitive ability would be worse than that of someone who didn’t work at all”.

While many of us may have been secretly thinking this for years, the report into the phenomenon is a welcome relief to those of us wondering why our brains have generally turned to mush by 2pm on a Friday.

The article goes on to explain that while the phenomenon certainly exists, scientists haven’t yet worked out exactly what causes the brain to become less powerful after about 30 hours of work. All we do know is that after 30 hours (or about 3 day’s work for your typical busy small business owner) your decision making ability starts to suffer.

This paper is just the latest in a long line of reports that suggest that cramming hours and hours of work into every week isn’t the most effective way to do business. Working fewer hours means that during the hours you do work you are more focused, more efficient and more effective.

While working fewer hours might seem impossible to many business owners and managers, it can be done. By streamlining your workload down to essential tasks only you can do, you can benefit from a brain-power-boosting 30 hour week.

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