Phone Rehab: Are You In An Unhealthy Relationship With Your Phone

Whether you treat your phone better than you treat your pet, are never seen without it or can’t face the thought of answering it, you could be one of many people suffering from a phone-related malady. From addiction to phobias and uncontrollable anger, take our tests to see if you or anyone you know could be a phonoholic, a telephobic or suffering from phone-induced anger.


Do you find yourself suffering from separation anxiety every time you realise you left your phone in the other room? Or worse, you’re out but you left it at home. If you feel at a loose end when the conversation lulls or you’re stuck in traffic and use your phone to fill the silence, it’s possible that you could be a phonoholic.

Phonoholism can not only impair your social life because you’re more interested in what your Facebook friends are doing than the people you’re with right now, but because it can lead to serious overworking.

How to spot a phonoholic:

  1. You are often seen treating their phone as you would a fifth limb or a baby
  2. You are often caught trying to check your phone secretly under the table
  3. The blind panic you experience when you realise you don’t have your phone
  4. You are often seen taking selfies with friends in public places
  5. You are often seen taking selfies while alone in public places
  6. You always have a phone charger to hand
  7. You frequently interrupt conversations with something hilarious/ moving/ interesting/ anything that happened on your phone
  8. Insisting you move cafes when they realise this one doesn’t have free wifi
  9. You regularly text while driving
  10. The thought of being unable to check your messages makes you feel nervous, isolated and alone


Do blocked numbers cause your fingertips to tremble as you hover nervously over the answer button, only to hang up and feel a wave of relief wash over you? Perhaps you can never bring yourself to answer a call just in case you hear bad news or have to deal with something you were putting off until later.

How to spot a telephobe:

  1. You never answer the phone
  2. You always respond to missed calls with a text almost immediately after they hang up
  3. You don’t like answering the phone in professional context and avoid doing so at work
  4. You are often caught asking colleagues, friends and family to answer the phone for you
  5. You never answer the phone for blocked numbers
  6. You never answer the phone for numbers you don’t recognise
  7. Don’t like making calls to people you don’t know – like the bank
  8. Don’t like making complaints to companies over the phone
  9. Hate making phone calls in public places
  10. Feel caught off guard when someone calls and you weren’t expecting it

Phone-induced Anger

Ever flown off in a violent and incontrollable rage at your phone, even if it really isn’t to blame? Do you feel your relationship with your phone can never be truly fulfilling because of the intense and irrational anger you feel bubbling inside you when it starts to ring? There’s a chance you may suffer from phone anger.

How to spot phone-induced anger:

  1. Violently slamming down your finger on the “end call” button in a fit of rage
  2. Throwing your phone across the room in a reckless display of fury
  3. Picking up the shattered pieces of your phone and thinking angrily how much this will cost to repair
  4. Glancing furiously at your mobile when it beeps and catches you by surprise
  5. Blaming your phone for waking you up in the morning, even though you set the alarm
  6. With each passing second on hold, the vein in your neck gets bigger and bigger
  7. Getting lost in options menus when calling companies leads to a ruptured spleen
  8. Having to repeat the word “Yes” because the robotic system can’t understand you reduces you to the foetal position and tears
  9. Having to compete for attention with a text message while out for dinner or socialising with friends makes your blood boil
  10. You become furious when you realise you’ve left your phone at home and realise you couldn’t possibly live without it

Phone Rehab

Recognise any of these symptoms?

Don’t worry: you’re not alone!

alldayPA are here to help. With our Phone Rehab campaign, we’re aiming to eradicate phone-dependencies, phobias and stress-related incidents throughout the UK.

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