What To Post On Your Blog This Christmas

For many people, Christmas week means shorter work days, time off with the family and less time spent in the office. Unfortunately for many business owners however, two thirds of whom have said that they will be working at Christmas, the festive season does not always warrant time away from day-to-day business activities.

Social media, for example, remains a 24 hour presence at all times of the year. We’ve posted about how you can keep your social media alive and active even at Christmas here. Likewise, your SEO efforts can’t afford to slip for the week leading up to Christmas, which means that your blog can’t fall silent between 20th December and New Year.

Of course, the rules change around Christmas. People are thinking about the festivities, partying and business falls further to the back of the mind. Financial, business-advice-focused posts would likely fall on deaf ears: who wants to read about that at Christmas? Your business blog suddenly stares at you as a blank canvass – what do you post about?

Keep it targeted

This week, you need to keep your target audience in mind. That is to say, their profession but also that they are probably letting their hair down and enjoying spending a little less time in their corporate identity.

You need to appeal to what they are doing now: maybe they are enjoying staff Christmas parties and desperately hoping that nothing goes wrong. Perhaps they are customers and enjoying the products they bought from you on behalf of their loved ones. You could offer advice on how to wrap the trickier ones or how to keep the larger ones hidden.

Add a bit of festive cheer

Even if you are working through Christmas, business will slow down as clients, partners and employees take time off for Christmas. You’re receiving fewer emails except those automated “Out Of Office” replies that are all the rage around this time of year.

Just because you have kept a business focus to some extent, does not mean that you should alienate your audience – most of whom are enjoying the season.

Loyal readers

If your business is predominantly B2B, it is likely that the number of hits on your site will decrease significantly in the Christmas period as people put off their business ideas until the New Year. But if you have a loyal and dedicated readership on your blog who are accustomed to updates and new posts every forty-eight hours, you can’t ignore them. Whether or not they are less engaged with your blog at Christmas, don’t give them reason to ignore you completely.

You need to continue to provide quality and interesting content to encourage them not to fade away until mid-January.

Schedule your posts ahead of time

If you plan ahead (which it is still not too late to do!) you needn’t worry about spending Christmas with a bad case of writer’s block. Write and schedule your blog posts ahead of time, so that you can relax about your SEO and start thinking about your stocking fillers.

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