Power Failures Could Destroy Your Business – Prepare In Advance With alldayPA


While you can go to every length to protect your business with alarm systems and anti-virus software, there are always going to be some events that leave you completely powerless. Power cuts, internet outages, and broken phone lines are nightmare fuel for small and large businesses alike. Whether it’s 1 hour or 12, while your power is out and your phone lines are down your customers will be taking their business to your competitors.

While there’s little you can do to prevent power cuts happening, you can prepare for them. By setting up infrastructure so your customers can get in touch when your office is out of action, you can still offer good customer service during a power cut.

Provide good customer service in any circumstance

You might think that although a power cut isn’t ideal, it’s not the end of the world. Customers won’t be able to get through but when they try again later you’ll explain and they’ll understand, right? Surveys, however, show this is not the case.

80% of customers will not phone back if they don’t get through to a business first time, and 78% of customers will not make an intended transaction at all after a poor customer service experience. This goes to show that even if your company is only affected by a power outage for a small amount of time, the damage it does to your business could be considerable. Prevent this loss of sales and damage to your reputation by preparing in advance with a telephone answering service from alldayPA.

alldayPA have got you covered

Our telephone answering service can cover your business during emergencies like a power outage, or even just when the office is closed. We have 3 different call centres based in different locations around the country so all our centres are on different power grids. This means there is no single point of failure in our network and we will always be available to take your calls.

Whether it’s the power companies or just the Great British weather, power cuts will continue to happen, and there will come a day when your business is affected. Prepare yourself now with cover from alldayPA.


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