Raising Funds For Philippines Disaster Relief

On Friday 15th November at alldayPA, members of the management team and the call centre staff pulled together and wore pink in support of the relief efforts in the Philippines. The 300-mile wide typhoon hit the Philippines on 8th November, rendering thousands dead and millions homeless.

As of 19th November, funds donated to the cause from the UK surpassed £10million, including a funding of £5.9million from the government’s Department for International Development.

In a bid to do our bit to show support and raise awareness for the devastation left behind in the wake of the disaster, many of the staff at alldayPA made a suggested donation of £2 and wore pink in support. We held a raffle and Elaine Crowley can look forward to spending a hard-earned £20 Arndale voucher.

Between our two call centres in Manchester, we raised £95 in donations. The final donation was made to the Disasters Emergency Committee to help them pay for food bundles, shelter, medical supplies and blankets.

It was a great effort from our staff. Many thanks to everyone involved. We are sending our thoughts out to the millions affected by the disaster.

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