Is Recent Emphasis On Customer Service A Trend Or An Epiphany?

Many articles writing recently on the importance of customer service and highlighting its value as the “new marketing” are in the habit of calling it a trend. In the respect that it has had almost a band wagon effect – everyone realising at once that this is a good idea – it might be called a trend.

But customer service is so much more important than just the “new marketing.”

Human beings

It reflects your company’s philosophy and attitude to the way you interact with people. In addition, customer service culture not only places value on customers as commodities, but on people who are seeking help, advice and solutions to problems. It also encourages companies to think of their employees as “internal customers,” humanising the way we hire, work and behave towards others.

Customer service culture is here to stay. It advocates appreciation of people, not of labels under which these people can conveniently be filed. Approaching customer service solely as a marketing technique is a transparent way of engaging your employees and your consumers. People will not respond now that they are expecting more from businesses.

Why are we in business anyway?

Businesses are designed around an idea that will be popular and make money. The reason any company is popular is because people need a particular product or service provided by companies. Business is about people; it is driven by people. The profits come after.

Ignoring this nugget of common sense is ridiculous, especially when so many people seem to just be having this realisation now and writing furiously about it.

At alldayPA we always work to put our customers first. If our service fails to please them, we won’t be in demand for very much longer.

What came first the chicken or the egg?

In turn, the clients who use our service are dedicated to excellent customer service. They want to know that there is someone on the other end of the phone, out of office hours, during weekends and even at Christmas, to take customers’ calls.

This is because they understand that keeping customers happy has to come before business can follow. If customer service is the chicken, it came first.

Customer service is not a trend.

It is a staple. Today’s social media world places emphasis on what the customer wants and needs. If people did not like the experience they had with one company, there is no reason that they should stick with it anyway. They can simply google another similar service in their area.

If businesses want to stay ahead of the game and keep customers coming back, they have to realise that customer service is not a fashion or fad: it is an attitude and way of going about your life.

Treat people in business as you would treat them in the street. Stop seeing your customers as commodities and start seeing them as people.

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