Speed Networking At Events – Does It Work?

Last week, alldayPA exhibited at The Business Show. As well as being cleverly named, The Business Show saw over 350 companies exhibit and 23,000 businesses attend. It really was the place to be for budding entrepreneurs and SME businesses looking to expand.

The alldayPA stand was located in the coffee area, and we also sponsored both the Speed Networking event and Tweet Meet area.

Nothing Is More Valuable Than Networking

Networking can be one of the most powerful and productive activities an individual can do throughout their career. And, business events offer a great opportunity to network and start valuable business relationships. Events offer a window to increase brand visibility, recruit talent, spark motivation and be current with industry trends. But with so much to do and so many people to see, how can you make the most of business events?

Speed networking is a business event designed to accelerate business contacts while on a timer. Individuals will sit across from one another and after a set period, usually one or two minutes, the outside circle of people get up and move in one direction around the circle until everyone has met each other. During interaction, attendees share their professional backgrounds and business goals.

alldayPA joint run the TBS Speed Networking event with Business Scene. The Speed Networking event ran smoothly and was well attended. As two marketing executives from Business Scene manned the deck, cracked the time whip and moved people along, alldayPA participated in speed networking.

Once described as a “play date for professionals”, does speed networking actually work? We asked TBS Speed Networking participants:

“Fast food and fast cars. We’re living in the now world. Is it any wonder speed-networking has emerged? By accelerating your networking in a fun and effective way, you can meet people from all different industries in a short period of time. Yes, it really does work.”

“Speed networking makes networking fun and rewarding. You can reach a wide range of people in a short period of time. One contact every two minutes equals to 30 potential business partners an hour. It’s great for brand reach.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re introvert or extrovert, young in your career or come with bags of experience. In today’s world, networking is crucial from the receptionist to the CEO. There is nothing like putting people, who wouldn’t usually cross paths, face-to-face in direct conversation. If you haven’t tried speed networking, I highly recommend it.”

“Speed networking is great for building groups of relationships on both a personal and a professional level. Each person you meet has their own network of individuals they know, and it may be one of those who will be the good match for you. Speed networking is another tool which can contribute to your professional success.”

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