Star PA Gail Is Nominated By Staff For A Holiday On The Company

This week, we watched on enviously as star PA Gail Warren packed her bags, said her farewells and made off for a week of sunshine in Turkey. Back in March this year, the company held a poll to find the hardest worker we have for Employee Appreciation Day. We asked everyone to cast their vote. From head office to PAs.

Star PA Gail Living The Jet-Set LifestyleWe asked everyone to think about who they felt was a team player, who gives their best every day, and who even puts in extra time and effort when needed.

Gail came out on top. This came as a surprise to no one (especially the people who voted for her). Since her first shift in the call centre back in August 2010, Gail has proved a highly committed and valuable member of the team.

When asked about her time here at alldayPA, she said, “It’s lovely working here. It is! You get to talk to people and then you just send off the message and the next person comes through. It’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.”

After being voted number one by her colleagues, Gail was told what she’d won. When she learned she could look forward to a week away on alldayPA, she said she was delighted. “I’m totally overwhelmed!” she exclaimed, “I never expected anything like this to happen!”

Call Centre Supervisor Vickie Noone said it came as no surprise that Gail was nominated. “Not only does she work hard, but she’s well-liked and respected. She makes an effort with  everyone and clearly that’s not gone unnoticed.”

Gail will return to her post as star PA on Monday after a well-deserved week of relaxing away from the phones. We asked her to sum up how she felt before she left. “Humbled,” she said, simply. “I didn’t know this many people knew who I was! Sometimes you can feel a little invisible and anonymous doing this type of job so it’s really good to know we are appreciated.”

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