How call answering can help stop Amazon A to Z claims

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For lots of entrepreneurs, setting up a shop on Amazon is a great way to go.

For those people that run shops on Amazon though there are 5 words that strike fear into the heart like no others – Amazon A to Z claim.

A to Z claims are the bane of any Amazon seller’s existence, but luckily we’ve got an easy way to help protect your business.

Read on.

Why Amazon A to Z claims are such a big problem

When it comes to Amazon A to Z claims there’s two main reasons you want to avoid them.

The first reason is that Amazon customer service is completely ruthless. When someone opens an A to Z claim, Amazon almost always end up refunding them.

We understand why they do this as they want to provide a great experience for the customer, but it can make life hard for sellers.

In fact, just doing a quick Google search will show you how many sellers feel they have been the victim of scams thanks to buyers abusing Amazon’s A to Z claim system.

The second reason is that if you get too many A to Z claims opened against you, you can lose your Featured Seller status.

Being a Featured Seller gives your listings much better visibility on Amazon, so to lose it can be a big blow to your business.

Having as little as 1 in 100 orders opening an A to Z against you can result in your account going into review and receiving a penalty, which can result in you losing your Featured Seller status.

With all these factors considered, it is vital that sellers reduce the amount of A to Z claims opened against them.

Now stick with us – we’re getting to the good part!

How a call answering service can help

One of the main reasons people will open an A to  Z claim is that they feel like they’re not being listened to.

Maybe they don’t realise that you’re not actually Amazon, and that you aren’t in the office 24/7.

When they phone you up and 10 o’clock at night and don’t get an answer they go and open an A to Z claim, assuming they will never get a reply from you.

It’s annoying, but that’s just the way it is.

With a call answering service, you’ve got someone there to answer your phone line 24/7. It provides you with another level of customer service and support so that your buyers feel like they’re being listened to and know their problem will be resolved without having to open a claim.

It also makes your business look bigger if you’ve got a team of professional PA’s answering your calls around the clock.

If you look bigger, people will trust you more, and will be more confident that you’ll provide them with a resolution without having to go and tell on you to Amazon.

While we can’t promise that no one will ever open an A to Z claim against you again, by using a 24/7 call answering service you can significantly improve your customer service, and the hours in which you can offer customer service.

This will go a long way to reducing the number of claims made against you and protecting your Featured Seller status.

Oh, and by the way, it works for eBay sellers too. Find out how to protect your eBay Top Rated Seller status by following the link.

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