Telephone Answering Will Be More Important Than Ever In 2017


Christmas is a time to reflect and a time to look forward, and this year is no different. alldayPA started in the year 2000 and 16 years later the business is still growing.

However, there were people who thought we wouldn’t make it back then. The internet had just gone mainstream, and people thought telephone answering was a thing of the past. Today, with WhatsApp and Social Media some people are saying the same thing, but in 2017 the phone call (and alldayPA) will be more important than ever. Here’s why.

  1. If you have a website your business is always open – We are seeing more people call in outside of office hours than even before.
  2. Customer expectations have changed – When we began, callers would wait for over 10 rings for their call to be answered. Now, answering in 3 rings is expected.
  3. Every phone call matters – With email and social media, people only pick up the phone when they really have to. That means every time your phone rings it is an important call.

Make sure you’re ready for everything 2017 brings. alldayPA are here to support your business through 2017 and beyond.

Wishing you all the best this Christmas and New Year.

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