How much money can telephone answering save your business? (It’s more than you think!)

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How much money can you save with telephone answering? (It’s more than you think)

When it comes to business most companies’ goal is to create profit. While one of the best ways to make profit is to bring more money into the business, an often overlooked method (but one you have more control over) is to reduce outgoings.

One of the major outgoings any business has is paying its staff. While it is of course essential to have staff working for your business, there are lots of opportunities to reduce your spend on salary. One way is to outsource none fee earning activities to a dedicated outsourced service provider.

Outsourcing telephone answering

One of the easiest things for any business to outsource is their telephone answering, and it is something that can provide a great deal of benefit to the wider business.

When you use telephone answering, you ensure that every call that comes into your business is answered. A good telephone answering service will provide 24/7 cover at a flat rate. That means that a call that comes in at 2pm is charged at exactly the same rate as a call that comes in at 2am. This is important as it allows your fee earning staff to concentrate on the work that generates the most income for the business, and it allows you as a business owner to effectively calculate the cost and ROI of having your phone answered at all times.

So why not do it in house?

While it’s easy to see why it’s important to keep your fee earners off the phone, many people may ask why not just employ a receptionist? The reality is that while a receptionist can be very good at their job, they are incredibly expensive and an inefficient way to make sure your calls are answered at all times. Here’s why.

When you employ a receptionist, you have to pay them for every second they are in work. When you use a telephone answering service, you only pay for the time someone is actually on a call. This is a far more efficient way to pay for your phone to be answered as you only pay for the exact amount of time that the service is needed.

For example here are the average salaries for receptionists in different areas

  • London – £22,000 PA
  • Manchester – £19,000 PA
  • Rest of the UK – £17,000 PA

And here are the average receptionist salaries across a number of different industries

  • Property – £22,000 PA
  • Legal – £19,000 PA
  • Engineering & Manufacturing – £19,000 PA
  • Logistics – £19,000 PA

With a telephone answering service, you can ensure all your calls are answered for as little as £50 a month.  And, if you only have a very small amount of calls that need answering you can even opt for a pay-as-you-go call answering service instead.

24/7 Cover

From just looking at the salaries alone it is easy to see why telephone answering is a more cost effective way of having your calls answered. This becomes even more apparent when you take into account the fact that a good telephone answering service can provide cover 24/7.

In any given week, there are 168 hours. That means you’d need roughly 4 staff on book to keep the phone lines covered at all times. However, with a telephone answering service there are multiple people to answer your calls. That means they can ensure every call is answered even if you have more than one call coming into the business at once. To equal this you’d need to employ at least 2 if not more people to cover each shift. In order to equal the level of cover a telephone answering service provides, you’d need to employ 8 or more receptionists which would be extremely expensive.

While this may be an extreme example, and few businesses would actually do it, it goes to show how fantastically cost effective a telephone answering service can be.

Start Benefiting Today

If you want to start benefiting from this cost effective service, get in touch with alldayPA today and we can create a bespoke solution tailor made for your business. To see how much you can save, complete our cost saving calculator.

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