UK telephone answering is a wise investment for any start-up

Most people in business have heard of telephone answering services. Many people simply write them off as huge call centres in India that do your business more harm than good. However, there is a thriving telephone answering industry right here in the UK, and it’s ready to provide the level of support your start-up needs.

Why use a telephone answering service?

When you’re running a start-up, every call is business critical. Your business is in its infancy, and just one opportunity could make or break everything. Telephone answering makes sure you never miss those business critical calls.

Whether it’s a customer wanting to buy your service, or an investor who wants to support your business, a telephone answering service makes sure there’s always someone available to take those calls. When you consider that most start-ups are international in some capacity, whether its suppliers or foreign stakeholders, the 24 hour cover a telephone answering service provides is essential.

Create trust

One of the main challenges for any start-up is creating trust, whether that’s with the clients or the stakeholders. Unlike a business that has been established for 10 years, a start-up has no track record to vouch for it. Everything is based on trust, and a telephone answering service can help establish that trust.

Using a telephone answering service means that stakeholders and clients are greeted by a professional voice every time they phone you. They aren’t met by your answer phone, or you struggling to talk while you are obviously driving your car. A telephone answering service gives your company the professional face it needs to create trust.

Stay cost effective

A lot of start-up owners do everything themselves. Even if there’s a couple of employees, everyone will be a multitasker mucking in with the admin and managing reception. However, doing this grossly undervalues your time.

How much would a managing director earn per hour? And what about a receptionist? Every time you answer the phone for your start-up, it’s like you’re paying a receptionist a managing director’s wage. When you use a telephone answering service, you can use your time as effectively as possible, to generate maximum income using your unique skillset.

Using a telephone answering service is a cost effective alternative to hiring a receptionist, especially when you might not need a receptionist for the entire working day.

Create time for you

You started your own business so you can be in control of your life. However, there’s no point in being the boss if you have to work 18 hours a day. A telephone answering service means that you can turn off your phone when you leave the office and know that your phone lines are being looked after.

Being able to leave work at work isn’t just a luxury, it’s vital for your health. Studies show people who work long hours are at a greater risk of both physical and mental illness. As the major driver of your business, you can’t afford to get ill. Using a telephone answering service lets you have the time you need to relax and recover so you can stay at peak performance.

At alldayPA we provide telephone answering services for over 23,000 business. We have a range of services available, from standard message taking to diary and appointment management. We answer every call right here in the UK, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Find out more about how we can support your start-up by visiting or calling us on 0345 056 8888.

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