5 reasons why the phone call still rules customer service

5 reasons the phone rules customer service

Technology has changed how we do business immeasurably. In the last 10 or so years we’ve seen things like smart phones, social media, and live chat go mainstream which has had a massive effect on our communication.

One of the areas of business you see this in most is customer service.

Businesses are increasingly using live chat, social media, and email to talk to their customers and solve problems.

For example, twitter alone in the last 2 years has seen an increase of 250% in the amount of customer service transactions taking place on the platform.

While this technological revolution is great for giving the customers more options, it doesn’t mean we should overlook traditional customer service, for example using the phone.

Using the phone is still an important way for businesses to provide customer service and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here are 5 reasons why the telephone still rules for customer service.


1. People prefer the phone for complicated questions

People want a different level of service depending on what their problem is.

If they’re on a shopping site and just want to check something about a product then live chat is perfect. It gives them easy access to the basic information they need.

With more complex enquiries however, people still want to talk to a real person. Research shows that 74 percent of people prefer the telephone for complex financial questions.

In professional services like accounting and law, or in industries like property when people are making big decisions it’s important that your clients can talk to a real person.

2. 73% of people aged over 35 prefer the telephone

It’s easy to get over excited about new technology as we see more and more reports about how many people are using the latest gadget.

The reality is though that the early adopters of technology are normally young affluent people with the money to spend on tech and who are interested in all things online.

If your target client doesn’t fit this demographic then there’s no point investing heavily in new technology for your customer service department.

73% of people aged 35 and over prefer the telephone, so if you’re targeting people in this group it might be worthwhile investing in some call answering before you pay for live chat software.

3. Customer satisfaction is higher over the phone

customer satisfaction over the phone

In the UKCSI’s State of The Nation 2017 they show that customer satisfaction is higher over the phone than via email.

What this suggests is that while technologies like email might be good for giving customers an easy way to get in touch with a business it might not necessarily be the best option for getting problems properly resolved.

Also, it could be the case that emails are a false economy when it comes to saving time.

While a client might have to be on hold for a few minutes to use the phone, they will normally get their issue resolved there and then by a customer service agent.

With an email they can send it straight away but there is no guarantee when they will receive a reply. It is also often the case that it takes several emails to resolve a single issue.

The telephone is still the best solution when it comes to providing a complete and thorough response to enquiries.

4. The businesses with the Top 50 customer satisfaction ratings excel at phone answering

Another interesting statistic raised by UKCSI’s state of the nation is that their top 50 rated firms for customer satisfaction are also rated more highly when it comes to ease of getting through on the phone, the helpfulness of staff over the phone, and the competence of the staff over the phone.

The correlation between good phone answering and good customer service ratings shows that strong phone based customer service is still central to how people perceive their customer experience.

While newer technologies will undoubtedly continue to grow, for now it seems that the phone is still integral to any customer experience.

5. By 2020, customer experience will be the most important thing for brands.

Research has shown that by 2020 customer experience will be the thing that most differentiates brands in the eyes of customers.

This means that rather than being driven by the products and the price, people will spend their money with the people who provide the best service.

Based on what we’ve already covered, providing excellent customer service over the phone will be vital for any brand that wants to stand out from the crowd.

By having great phone based customer service that allows customers to speak to real people at a time convenient to them, brands can secure their future place in the eyes of the public.

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