The alldayPA Virtual Assistant Spectacular: Let’s Do The Time-Share Again!

alldayPA is extremely proud to be the UK’s most trusted call answering service, but as the old adage goes: “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. That is why we would like for you to see what our clients are saying about our services, and that is why we heavily promote Trustpilot throughout our marketing efforts.

Last week we received a lovely review on Trustpilot from one of our long-term clients. We receive many reviews, but this particular client shared a concept which we have yet to consider. In the review ‘personal, cost-effective, caring‘ the client describes alldayPA telephone answering services “like having a time-share on a department full of keen colleagues”.

Time-sharing is a computing term which was developed out of the realisation that while any single user would make inefficient use of a computer, a large group of together would not, thus making the overall process more efficient.

It’s all too easy to over-complicate virtual services, but time-sharing is a concept which the majority are familiar with. So, we invite you the alldayPA Virtual Assistant Spectacular, where you can learn the benefits of time-sharing while doing The Time-Share (formally know as The Time Warp)!

Let’s Do The alldayPA Time-Share Again!

“It’s astounding, time is fleeting. Madness is taking it’s toll. But listen closely, not for very much longer, you’ve got to take control. Let’s do the alldayPA time-share again!”

It’s just a jump to the left..

With over one hundred alldayPA virtual assistants available when you require, you will have a full-functioning call centre at your time-shared dispense for as little as £3.00 a day!

And then a step to the right..

As your virtual assistant will be time-shared, you don’t have to worry about paying payroll taxes, holiday cover, sick days, workers compensation or employee benefits. As a result, your overhead labour costs will be reduced dramatically.

With your hands on your hips..

Virtual assistants are completely flexible and work around your schedule. Your time-shared assistant will provide you with the service you require, and when you need it.

You bring your knees in tight..

All virtual assistants are highly trained in their field, they care about your customers and aim to deliver a superior service. Answering all your calls in your company name, your virtual assistant is trained to handle your calls as though based in your office.

But it’s the pelvic thrust, they really drive you insane..

Have we mentioned how cost-effective time-sharing your virtual assistant is? There is no need for additional office space, training courses required or equipment to be purchased.

Let’s do the Time-Share again..

Your time-shared virtual assistants are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no additional fees required. This will allow for you to keep your business ahead of schedule. You will be pleasantly surprised to how much your business could grow with an extra (hundred) pair of hands!

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