The Best Start-Ups of 2016

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2016 was a year of innovation, success and profit for many start-ups – from amazing inventions and digital developments, to various innovations in the food industry.


Widely reported to be one of the most successful start-ups of the 21st Century, Deliveroo has exploded in 2016, revolutionising the way food is delivered to customers.

The company delivers restaurant and takeaway food in countless cities worldwide, and it looks set to expand even further in 2017. It also launched a service that delivers alcohol within 20 minutes in May 2016, which, surprise surprise, has proven to be a great success.

Car Wow

Instead of going into a regular car dealership, prospective car buyers can now visit Car Wow’s website and select their price-range, plus the model and features they would like. The site then allows a wide range of dealerships to compete for the sale, offering buyers better value than ever before.

The company has raised $27.5 million (£22.3 million) in funding and it is still growing, which indicates that it could soon change the way we buy cars throughout the UK.

Zip Jet

Zip Jet’s online dry cleaning and laundry service is revolutionising the way Londoners do their daily chores. Instead of visiting a laundrette or dry cleaners, customers can now have their laundry taken away, washed, ironed, dry cleaned and returned to them all through the Zip Jet app. This leaves Londoners with much more spare time to enjoy the city, rather than completing household tasks.

Lend Invest

Lend Invest offers an online platform where institutions and individuals can invest in loans secured against property. The loans then help property professionals fund their latest ventures and make a profit themselves.

Having established a reputation for lending responsibly, Lend Invest has generated huge profits for investors during 2016, and is set to make even more money in 2017.

Zing Zing

Zing Zing is an excellent Chinese takeaway that follows traditional Chinese recipes without adding any unhealthy chemicals. And, knowing that Chinese takeaways can vary massively in quality, hygiene and customer service, Zing Zing prides itself on maintaining the highest possible standards.


Settled has tapped into the many stresses and concerns people experience when they come to sell their properties. By advertising customers’ homes on a wide range of property websites, arranging viewings and generally overseeing the house-selling process from start to finish, Settled has made selling homes easy and stress-free for so many people in 2016.


Launched by Chet Kanojia (the former CEO of Aereo), Starry is an innovative wireless invention that aims to transform the way we use the internet. Backed by the likes of Tiger Global, FirstMark Capital, IAC and many more, it is highly tipped for success.

It delivers fantastic speeds of up to one gigabit per second, meaning that the device can download movies and other large files in a matter of seconds.


Otto’s self-driving trucks are set to revolutionise the way goods are transferred across the world. A group of former employees from Apple, Google and Tesla are developing software that will make their lorries entirely autonomous.

It is thought that thousands of companies worldwide will soon come to rely on this fascinating new technology, so keep your ear to the ground.

Property Partner

Property Partner allows most people to get on the property ladder, changing the way people invest their money. As a crowdfunding platform, its customers can buy shares in buy-to-let properties with as little as £50, then claim a share of the rent and any increase in the property’s value.


Set up by entrepreneur Talmon Marco (who made his fortune with Viber), Juno is widely considered a direct competitor of transport giants Uber and Lyft.

Juno functions on a similar model to its competitors, but its main selling-point is that it is a friendlier, more bespoke service that aims to make a smaller profit – so that drivers can take a larger cut of each fare. So far, the company only operates in New York City, but its funding has now reportedly reached $30 million (£24.3 million), so it’s likely we will be hearing a lot more about Juno in the near future.

Your Start-Up

All of the start-ups we have talked about are outstanding and unique, but they all have one thing in common: great customer service. To make sure that your company offers premium customer service, find out about our professional PAs – who will answer any customer call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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