The FFC To Close The Loophole Which Allows For Robocalls And Spammy Text Messages

Everybody gets them, and everybody loathes them. Now, the Federal Communications Commission has reported a new proposal to end robocalls and spammy text messages.

The new proposal came to light after the commission found robocalls and spammy text messages to be the biggest source of customer complaints.

The proposal from FFC Commissioner Tom Wheeler, which began circulating on Wednesday, would enable phone users the power to end robocalls. The plans include allowing carriers access to new technologies to block unsolicited calls.

“Consumers have the right to control the calls and texts they receive,” said Wheeler in a blog post. “And the FCC is moving to enforce those rights and protect consumers against robocalls, spam texts, and telemarketing.”

The death of robocalls: another win for consumers

The FFC would also construe an autodialler as “any technology with the capacity to dial random or sequential numbers” in an effort to limit companies getting around current laws with new technology.

However, the new governance would still allow for notification calls and text messages from companies in certain situations, including notifying consumers about the potential for fraud. Any marketing or debt collection will not be allowed under any circumstance.

The new rules will be voted on at the FFC’s upcoming meeting on June 18, 2015. These rules will support existing regulation on unwelcome calls, which include the “do-not-call list” that was founded in 2003 by the FFC and the Federal Trade Commission.

The FFC plans described in more detail can be found here.

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