The new Virtual Office app is coming

UPDATE: The Virtual Office App from alldayPA is now Live! Find out more here.

It’s not too late to get Virtual Office

Earlier this year we launched our Virtual Office to give alldayPA members more control over their accounts. Overall the new Virtual Office has been a success with more of our members logging into their online dashboards than ever before. And, it’s not too late for those members who haven’t logged in to the new Virtual Office. You can still access Virtual Office and experience all of its benefits.

With Virtual Office you have more control over how alldayPA take your calls and how you use your account. You can log in and change your greeting as frequently as you like, and you can add notes for the PA’s. As well as this you can manage multiple staff members, each with their own extension, and change their availability status on the fly. This makes sure your calls are always routed to the best person in your business at that given moment.

Virtual Office has certainly given alldayPA members more power over how they use their account than ever before. However, soon alldayPA will become even more flexible with the launch of the Virtual Office app for iOS devices.

The Virtual Office app

With the new Virtual Office app you will have all the power of Virtual Office at your fingertips. Wherever you are, you have control over how alldayPA answer your calls. What this means is that if you get called into a surprise meeting, you can easily set your status to unavailable so we know to take a message. It also means you can read your messages at your convenience wherever you are.

The launch of the iOS version of the Virtual Office app is just around the corner, and with a version for android set to follow, alldayPA members are set to be some of the UKs best connected business people.

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