5 things small business owners need to know about iPhone X

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard some rumblings about a new iPhone.

Like every iPhone that has gone before, the iPhone X (pronounced 10) brings with it a host of new technologies, many of which will be adopted and copied by other firms in the coming months.

But how will all this new tech affect small businesses?

1. Even more mobile focus on your websites

If for some reason you were hoping mobile was a fad (although I don’t know why you would) iPhone X is bad news for you.

With a new, bigger, and brighter screen there’s fewer and fewer reasons why you would choose a desktop over a mobile phone – so the mobile responsiveness of your website needs to be top notch.

The removal of the home button from the iPhone X could also prove to be significant.

Instead of a home button, you operate the new iPhone with a series of different gestures and swipes to get to different screens.

This gestured based UI with inevitably affect all mobile usage – so it might be the case that one day in the future mobile websites will use a similar method of navigation.

2. A better Siri means more voice search

The effect of things like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana has already had an effect on SEO, with search data showing people are increasingly using question based searches like “where can I buy new trainers” rather than just “trainers”.

When using a service like Siri, it generally will read you the top result in Google – which means it’s more important than ever to occupy the coveted #1 or even #0 position in the SERPS.

With the impressive additions to Siri that are coming with iOS 11, more people will be using voice search, so it’s more important than ever to have your voice focused SEO in order.

3. Indoor maps mean more footfall

Finally, a piece of good news for bricks and mortar businesses! iOS 11 is bringing with it a new and improved maps, which will have a significant focus on indoor environments.

If you have a shop inside a shopping centre, or a business as part of a larger business complex, this improvement to indoor maps could significantly boost footfall if people are using it to find you.

To make the most of it, you’ll want to be sure all your details are up to date on the new version of maps.

4. Business Chat will rival Facebook for customer service

One of the biggest trends in customer service at the minute is providing customer service over social media (you can learn all about it in our new ebook!). This has been great for Facebook as big companies are actively encouraging people to use Facebook to get in touch with them.

As a reaction to this, Apple have released Business Chat.

Business Chat is a app that lets people talk to businesses easily from their iPhone.

It promises to be an effective non-voice solution that will challenge the likes of Facebook Messenger and live chat on websites.

If Business Chat takes off, small businesses should be prepared to offer it as one of their preferred customer service channels.

5. The potential for AR

One of the biggest selling points of the new iOS that will be coming with the iPhone X is ARKit.

The AR in ARKit stands for augmented reality, and it basically means using a phone or tablet’s screen to place a computer-generated image into the real world.

Unlike a photo, with AR you can walk round the object and see it from all angles in 3D space.

The most notable example of this technology so far is PokemonGO, but this is set to change with the new iPhone as AR goes mainstream.

Already, companies like IKEA are showing the commercial application of AR, by turning their catalogue completely virtual so you can see how their furniture will look in your own home.

If you sell things online, AR is a great tool for selling your products, so it might be worth considering in the future.

Which of iPhone X’s new features do you think will have the biggest impact on small business? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter.

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