Three Reasons We Love Our Customers

Last Friday was Valentine’s Day and we were feeling the love for our customers at alldayPA! I posted three reasons why I personally love our clients and this sparked a conversation throughout the office about reasons we can’t get enough of you, our customers.

I asked the sales team if they wouldn’t mind lending their voices to a blog post to thank all of our clients for your continued custom and support.

Dannielle Harris: Head of Business Development

Dani 2

“I love our customers because they’re the boss.”

Our business is one hundred per cent run by our customers. Because it’s all about their business, they actually know how we should run our service better than we do! We understand that every client’s business is different, so every package we set up has to suit their individual needs.

We always do our best to deliver above and beyond client expectations when it comes to price and quality. I am directly answerable to our customers, which I see as a very positive thing.

Alia Coster: Business Executive

“I love our customers because I take personal pride in adding value.”


We deal with businesses of all sizes, working in all sectors from all over the UK. I love that I spend my days speaking with business owners from all walks of life, all of whom are united in their passion and drive for success.

I love talking with our clients about their business goals and finding ways we can work with them to help them achieve this. From helping micro-businesses run smoothly to enabling SMEs to increase productivity, we provide every client with a truly valuable, professional service 24 hours a day.

Sam Eidsforth: Business Executive

Sam“I love our customers because without them, we wouldn’t even be a business.”

Henry Ford said, “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.”

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. My job revolves entirely around finding ways we can help company owners improve the way they do business, streamline their communications and maintain their professional reputation.

alldayPA is its customers – so thank you.

Final word from Sue

I would like to say such a big thank you to all of our clients for helping grow alldayPA into the company it is today. We want your customers to love you! So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day (even if it was three days ago now), we love you, customers. We really would be nothing without you.

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