Turn a Free Trial into Loyal Customers

If you are in the position to offer services or products to customers on a free trial basis, you must ensure you are carrying out the process so that it not only showcases what you have to offer but also so that the person trialling the service or product then becomes a newly acquired customers.
Research carried and published in the Journal of Marketing revealed that there were different behavioural patterns between customers that trialled and those that did not.By offering a free trial this “influences usage and retention behaviour, responsiveness to marketing activities, and ultimately how long the consumer will remain with the service.”
If when a customer is in the midst of trialling a service and they find they don’t use it as much as they first thought, you may lose this customer. Whereas someone that buys the service or product outright did not get this decision-making time and, therefore, are an acquired sale from the outset.
The more a customer uses a free trial the more likely they are to become and remain a customer because of the pre-purchase process they were subjected to. However, customers that buy the service or product outright are less likely to remain customers over a long period of time as they may realise they do not like or need what they initially paid for.
When offering a free trail, to ensure that the customer needs and will want to continue, you must highlight the benefits what you are selling. If the customer feels like they do not need the product or service you will lose this business.
When the free trial underway makes it a more personalised service. Have one account manager or sales member that deals with the certain customer. Form relationships and get to know the customers. Doing so will help the buying process and you can easily assess any problems there may have been allowing you to rectify the situation. It will also help you figure out the process that each free trial goes through meaning you will be able to find trends and measure what was good and bad about the trial period.
At the end of a trail if the customer is still uncertain offer an extended trial period and help change their minds. People may need longer to make a decision so don’t push them for an answer if they have not decided.
Free trials work for some businesses if they have the process right and they offer a beneficial trial period to users.

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