Virtual Office: Adding value for alldayPA members

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At alldayPA we aim to constantly improve the quality of the service we provide to our members. The most recent of these improvements is our new Virtual Office which is designed to give our members better access to the tools they need to manage their account. Unlike other telephone answering services, we’re giving this comprehensive piece of software to our members free of charge. It’s our job to provide you with the best telephone answering service available, and Virtual Office lets us do that.

Virtual Office improves the service for our members by giving them greater control over how and when they use their account and it does this in a number of ways.

Multiple logins and tiered access

For the first time, Virtual Office gives our members the option to have multiple logins to their dashboard. This is important as it means you can give different members of staff different levels of access to Virtual Office.

Virtual Office gives you complete control over your account with us, and while this is a big step forward, you might not want every member of your company having complete administrative access to the system.

Tiered logins mean that a business owner can have an account with full administrative access, and give junior members of their company accounts that only have access to read messages. This is an important feature as it helps to keep important information secure and stops people adjusting settings without proper authorisation.

Set your own staff members and their availability

One of the main reasons businesses use a telephone answering service is to cover their calls when they are unavailable. Being able to manually set your availability status is a big step towards giving our members the control they need to make the most of their accounts.

The new Virtual Office lets businesses set as many staff members as they like and change their availability in real time. That means that if there is a surprise meeting, or if someone phones in sick, you can simply log into Virtual Office and update that staff member’s availability accordingly.

Letting businesses create as many staff members as they like also means every business has access to a virtual switchboard system as our PAs will be able to put calls through to any member of staff you have provided an extension for.

More control over your account

As well as letting you have multiple logins and set your staff and availability, Virtual Office has a range of other tools that let you manage your account.

Features like edit your greeting and notify your PA let you directly edit the information that appears on screen in front of our PAs when they take your calls. And, you can also easily change the email addresses that receive your notifications.

Add to this a range of new features like message search, call statistics, and being able to set multiple businesses addresses with local landmarks and it’s easy to see why Virtual Office is a powerful tool for your business to use.

And if all this wasn’t enough, a Virtual Office app is under production to be launched shortly which will let you access Virtual Office using your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

The new Virtual Office has been designed to put our members in charge of their accounts so you can make your call answering service work how you want it to.

If you have any questions about Virtual Office get in touch with customer service and we will be able to answer them for you.

We understand every business is unique. Virtual Office means every business can have a telephone answering service the way they want it, and alldayPA will continue to strive to make that service the best it can be.


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