Infographic | Voicemail is dead, long live the voice!

We like to think of ourselves as the ‘business voice of England’. You’ve probably spoken with one of our PAs without even realising it. That’s because we represent over 23,000 businesses and are asked to be the first point of call for companies big and small every day.

Businesses increasingly rely on technology to make work efficient, yet average consumer patience levels are lower than ever. The UK public simply don’t like waiting and want to speak to someone who can deal with their query immediately. Customers no longer want to leave a voicemail message and we are seeing a backlash towards firms that overuse the outdated technology. Overuse of voicemail is now synonymous with unprofessionalism and a lack of appreciation of the modern business world.

The ‘Death of the Voicemail’ infographic based on our recent ‘Every Call Counts Report 2015’ research clearly shows that voicemail is indeed outdated and on its way to becoming extinct.

Company owners must realise what it means for their business and how to adapt to changing customer’s requirements. Having a human on hand to answer calls professionally and rapidly is a step towards retaining customers and their loyalty. An unanswered call or voicemail implies that the customer doesn’t matter enough to be assisted by an informed individual. At alldayPA we believe everyone does. That’s why we focus on answering calls superbly. We answer telephones because your customers matter.

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