All I Want For Christmas Is Peace Of Mind: Two Thirds Of Business Owners Will Be Working Over Christmas

Relaxing with the family, celebrating with friends and winding down from a busy and hectic year is part of what Christmas is all about. For many business owners however, Christmas is also a time shrouded in separation anxiety, haunted by left-over financial worries and drowned out by the head ache that can come when thinking about the year ahead.

Whether you’re a new business owner and are still trying to get your company off the ground, or if you’ve been running your firm for a number of years, Christmas can often mean watching as others enjoy the wind-down while you can’t relax. Two thirds of UK business owners (63%) will not stop working between Christmas and New Year in 2013, according to a poll of 1,000 companies by Sage UK.

5% of those asked said that they plan to work on Christmas Day itself. And, despite many firms being closed to business over the festive break, 4 out of 10 business owners have said that they will continue working over the festive period.

Is your company closed at Christmas?

When you shut down the office for Christmas and send your staff home to their stocking-fillers, crackers and mulled wine, you also shut down the entire functionality of your office. This is despite your willingness to continue to work over the festive period.

Do you shut yourself off from new customers and spend the week catching up on odds and ends? Would you consider it useful to be able to stay open to an extent, taking new enquiries and acquiring new business opportunities in time for the New Year?

Do you make it impossible for your existing customers to get hold of you over the Christmas break, either with concerns about faulty products or customer service questions that can’t wait until the New Year? As a business owner promising dedicated support to your clients all year round, it’s difficult not to feel you’ve signed your life away to your business at Christmas.

Switch off at Christmas

Switch off this Christmas. Enlist the help of a Christmas call answering service for the best of both worlds: total peace of mind that all your customers are being dealt with efficiently and effectively by your own team of dedicated, professional PAs.

Saving you from being chained to your phone all day over Christmas, call answering will save you time so that you can spend more of it with the people who are important to you. You won’t have to waste time on unimportant phone calls that can wait until 2014 and you don’t have to miss any important calls that you need to take in the next ten minutes with a 24 hour message-taking and call transfer service.

Enhance your professional image with 24 hour call handling over two weeks at Christmas, even on Christmas Day. Impress your customers with attention to detail and customer care and make the most of Christmas this year.

Just because your office is closed, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to be there for your customers. Save yourself a headache with Christmas call answering from alldayPA. Call 0345 056 8888 today to find out more about how you will benefit from this 24 hour service.

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