What Do Your Telephone Doodles Say About You?

Have you ever been stuck in an everlasting telephone call, to hang up the receiver and discover you have doodles a masterpiece worthy of The Louvre? Since the invention of the telephone, people have occupied their idle hands during conversations, engaging their brain, tongue, ear and hand in a creative union.

The urge to scribble idly can often be viewed as an indication of boredom. However, current research suggests doodling can actually help to improve concentration. Scientists at the Plymouth University have found that doodling while undertaking every-day tasks can enable people to remember more information.

Doodling Can Enable You To Remember More Information

According to the study published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, participants who were asked to doodle while listening to a dull phone message were able to remember 29% more than those who were not.

The experiment asked a total of 40 subjects to listen to a two-and-half minute tape recording that gave the names of several people and places. Half of the subjects were asked to shade in shapes on a piece of paper at the same time, paying no attention to neatness. After the tape finished, the subjects were asked to recall the names of eight people mentioned, as well as the names of eight places that were included as incidental information.

The subjects who have been doodling while listening remembered an average of 7.5 names, compared with 5.8 for non-doodlers.

Professor Jackie Andrade, who conducted the research, said: “If someone is doing a task, like listening to a prolonged telephone conversation, they may start to daydream. Daydreaming distracts them from the task, resulting in a poorer performance. A simple task, like doodling, may be sufficient to stop daydreaming without affecting the performance of the main task.”

Telephone Doodles Can Reveal A Great Deal About Yourself

Doodling is an uninhibited form of self-expression. And, your telephone doodles can tell you a great deal about yourself. If six people draw a dog, every dog will be different in six, shape, colour, position and expression. All six doodlers may be home-loving dog owners, but the particular features of the drawing will reflect the qualities that relate to the individual.

So, what do your telephone doodles say about you? Expert doodler and comic story writer Liz Pichon lifted the lid on what our doodles real mean to the Daily Mail Online. You can view the full list of telephone doodle analysis here.

Boxes: Boxes suggest a self-controlled and controlling nature; they reflect common sense or someone who is practical, methodical and orderly.

Flowers: Rounded flowers indicate someone who is warm, sociable, emotional, gentle, sensitive, naive and vulnerable. Pointed flowers suggest intelligence, quick-thinking, assertiveness and decisiveness.

Houses: House doodles are symbols of security and shelter. The person sees their home as a place of safety or refuge from the world, wants material or emotional security.

Hearts: A symbol of love and romance, heart doodles suggest an affectionate, sentimental, emotional and romantic person, or someone dreaming of love and marriage.

Faces: A round face suggests a warm, sociable nature, a person who wants to love and be loved. An angular faces tend to be doodled by challenging, tough or aggressive types who may be compensating for feeling of inadequacy.

Stars: Stars suggest aspiration and ambition ad are doodled by those determined to succeed. They also indicate an intellectual or spiritual nature, or someone who is optimistic and a bit of a dreamer.

Animals: Domestic animals are doodled by those who are home-loving, like their creature comforts and tend to be affectionate. Jungle animals reflect an aggressive, macho or frustrated nature.

Circles: Circles symbolise harmony and are doodled by those who tend to be harmonious, sociable, cooperative, kind, friendly and flexible, and want to give and receive love.

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