What’s In A Phone Call?


It’s all about your chance to impress, to perform, to live up to and exceed expectations.

To raise the bar, to confirm or destroy other people’s assumptions about you.

To create the most indelible first impressions.

To secure business and impress existing clients.

When you answer the phone, you get the chance to establish an identity. The person you are speaking with will either identify with you, or they won’t. You will make them want to call you again, or you won’t.

It’s about connecting with people. Hearing what they have to say and understanding the message they wanted to convey.

The outcome of a phone call is always significant, even if that outcome is just, “She was nice.”

The way you feel after you hang up on a person is a reflection of how you will continue to think of them. In business and in life, this is important.

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